Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Freebie : Soot plus White © Bent Creek

Hi, thanks for stopping by and thanks for your lovely comments for my past posts.
Since my friend has told me that there are some Freebies on © Bent Creek blog "Bent Creek Life", I couldn't resist to stitch this cute design!

The name of this design is "Soot plus White", these colors are over dyed threads name that chart called for, but unfortunately I didn't have them in my stash so I've used "Peacock" by Carrie's Creation and "Oatmeal" by WDW instead of them.

I also didn't have the right frame for this finished piece, size also the color, so have added two layers of fabrics for the background then colored the frame from natural to white.

I think I've edited these photos too much, so they don't show colors justice, IRL they're more darker.
I also added gingham check ribbon around the stitched piece, pearl beads etc, to make it more lovely look.

I think this photo above is the most closest color to show you.
I wish I could have the right frame like © Bent Creek Life shows on their blog, I like this stitched piece but I don't think it does suit for this layered fabric and also this frame... shame!

Here is my WIP for my dear friend's wedding.
I asked her to tell me honestly what she wants for her wedding gift as I knew she has most of everything she needs already, and she made me surprise, she asked me to stitch something about wedding!

I have stitched for another co-worker's wedding before, but my dear friend saw it for few minutes but she remembered my work and asked me to do it for her, too!
It's so honored to be asked to stitch for someone's important anniversary.

I asked her what kind of design she wants, and she chose this design "All Because" © Imaginating.
At the moment, I've just finished all the cross stitch part, can you believe all the other parts were filled with back stitch...
It's hard to finish soon, but it's gonna be beautiful in the end!!

Recently I've been cleaning up my house and have found many of grandparents stuff.
I love old things so am collecting them and displaying in my room now.

Old Japanese wooden bobbins, bowls, etc...
I will reuse them as interior.

Thank you for your visit!
Take care and have a lovely week ahead.

Design : "Soot plus White" © Bent Creek (Freebie)
Threads : "Peacock" - Carrie's Creations and Oatmeal 
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen


Vickie said...

Yuko, thank you so much for the link to the freebies. I love them.
Yours is so sweet.
Your sampler is going to be gorgeous for your friend.
I love old stuff too. :)

Nancy said...

Hello Yuko - I think your Bent Creek finish is beautiful with the fabric layers, ribbon and pearls! A lovely gift you are stitching, and lovely vintage items. I enjoy decorating with vintage items too!

Marsha said...

I think the blue and white offset the groundhog just right. He is adorable. What a lucky friend to have you stitch for her. It will be beautiful. I have an old bowl similar to yours from my grandmother. I cherish everything from her.

misa said...