Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas tree of scissors

A day before yesterday, "Christmas tree of scissors" has just finished!I like Echevette but also like this free charts from the blog "The Meri Wonderer"!

I made this with 18ct fabric and the size was just fitting in the normal (Japanese size, though...) photo frame!
Isnt't this lovely?!
Christmas tree part was a bit complecated, but other than that were quite easy to stitch along, so I could finish this for about 1.5 days!

"Christmas tree of Scissors" Free chart @ The Meri Wonderer© Meridel Abrams
Started : 2006/12/15
Finished : 2006/12/17


Anonymous said...

I haven't got a site or a blog yet, but I'm thinking about create one !!!
Next year probably.

Enjoy. Domy

Anonymous said...

Dear Yuko,

I wish you a happy new year for you and all your family, a year full of love, joy, happiness and a lot of cross stitch !!!!!