Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Challenge - BBD "Quaker Garden"

I haven't posted for a long time as I didn't think I had enough progress to post here.
Here is my new challenge, Blackbird Designs (Loose Feathers #19) "Quaker Garden".

By the way, what do you think of this fabric?It looks like "Vintage", but actually I've accidentally spilled water over the fabric!!
Silly me!
But, it's quite unique and nice, I'm a bit satisfied of this result! LOL

[note] "Quaker Garden" (Loose Feathers #19) © Blackbird Designs


littlehands said...

Ha, ha, ha, it is a good use of water. Just looks like your hand-dyed fabric.
Oh, this is a very beautiful pattern, keep working hard and I support you here in HK.

La coccinelle (the Ladybird!) said...

It was a good idea to keep it like that! I had the same "accident" a few month ago and I gave a "bath" of black tea to my embroiderie; the result was great to! something to try!!!!
Your work is very beautiful and I look forward of seeing more!!!
See you!

Susimac said...

Love the water effect, might try it myself.

Eva said...

I think your unique fabric matches very well with the design
From a Blackbird's fan ;)

Sharon said...

Oh it looks wonderful-the spilled water added a really nice effect!

Jane said...

Love your Quaker Garden and the spillage gives it a vintage, one-off look. Such beautiful colours too. I can't wait to start mine!