Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PIF FOR Jennifer!

When I checked e-mail this morning as daily routine, I found an e-mail from Jennifer.
She let me know that she received my PIF (Pay It Forward) gift safely, and in the mail she is so sweet and am so happy that she liked everything that I sent to her!

Here is what I made for her PIF.

I didn't know what her tastes like exactly, so I stitched what I wanted to, and made it into an ornament.
The design is "Little Angel In The Clouds" © Heart In Hand, stitched on 32ct linen, by recommended DMC.

It was quite hard to find the right shape for this design, and it became like this at the end.
I added pom-pom trim around the edge, and added light pink ribbon at the bottom of ornament.
I also added velvet pink flower on top which I forgot to take close up photo.

Here is backing fabric I chose for this design.
I was a bit worried if this design might be a bit childish for her? but she told me she loves this so much, I'm very relieved now! whew...
I have two more PIFs to go (Margaret S. and Staci), and I also signed up for Dovile's PIF recently, so I will invite three person to join for my PIF "Part 2." later again!
I hope some people would be interested in joining for it. :0

I'm going to move again the end of September for my husband's job.
And the present house is very sick!! Where I live is placed near mountain and by the lake, so is very humid, and moreover our present house is very old so mold all around the house, sigh*...
That is why I'm very busy at the moment, no stitching at all again... just packing, packing, packing! ;0
I packed my stitching stuffs already to concentrate on moving!
I hope I will be able to share my stitching works with you soon!

Take care and thanks for visiting!
AND! Thank you SO much for all the Birthday wishes to me!
I appreciate for you all, thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart!

Design : "Little Angel In The Clouds" © Heart In Hand
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Colour : unknown)
Threads : DMC
Finished as : Ornament


hohla said...

Very beautiful gift!

Dovilė said...

I like it very much, nice pattern and creative finish

Ginte said...

What a wonderful angel! I love this design.

nima said...

wow...pretty finishing

Carol R said...

A beautiful stitch and finish. I am sure that Jennifer is very happy to receive it.

Good luck with the move.

Lennu said...

Happy belated birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Your gift is so beautiful, as everything in your blog always is. I really enjoy visiting your blog!

Good luck with the move and happy packing :)

karenv said...

This is gorgeous! Such a sweet chart and so beautifully finished too :) Love the pompom trim, it's perfect!

Rachel said...

Wow! I think the ornament is pretty! I love your finish and the backing fabric! As always you are a marvelous stitcher.

Good luck with packing :)

Nancy said...

This is such a lovely angel ornament Yuko. Everything you stitch turns into beauty!

I hope your move goes smooth for you.

Loreta said...

What a wonderful gift! I love this lovely angel and your finish is gorgeous!

εїз BorBoLeTA εїз said...

its beatiful, congratulations from mexico

Sally said...

That is a truly beautiful PIF Yuko. So beautifully stitched and finished.

I hope the move goes well.

Carla said...

Congrats on such a lovely the way tou finished it :)
Good luck with the move!

Dorothy said...

Yuko, you do lovely work.
I hope the move goes smoothly and you get settled into your new home soon.

Julie said...

A beautiful PIF, good luck with moving house.

enigma said...

very-very nice and lovely gift...:)
i like that..

Anna van Schurman said...

Love the shape! And thanks for bringing this adorable pattern to my attention.

Susan said...

It's gorgeous, Yuko!

Good luck with your move - I'm sorry that your house is making you sick.

I would love to sign up to participate in your PIF, if it is not too late!

Elisa said...

Yuko, Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog...which was lovely as it enabled me to discover yours too. You have so many lovely things to look at I am going to enjoy reading it!
Elisa xx

Jessie said...

Yuko, this is so sweet and pretty! I love the way you finished it with all the details. You did a great job!

Susimac said...

Its a lovely finish Yuko, and good luck with your packing - I have your gift here to send I will try and get it posted by this weekend.


Marie said...

very nice work, like always !
i will be interested in your new PIF... if it is not too late... thanks !
and good luck with your move !

Jurga said...

Yuko, it's amazing ornament! Shape is just perfect for this design. Very pretty finish :)

Vaida said...

Very nice finish! I love the fabric you chose for the backside, and the whole ornament is so neatly stitched and finished!

Asta said...

wow... so beautiful and sweet!!!!!