Sunday, August 09, 2009

Super Mail Weekend

Hi how are you doing? I'm doing so so OK, it was hard raining day today and I was sitting on the chair almost all day long, but my weekend was great!

Yesterday, mailman left a big box by the side of the front door, and it was from Marina (no blog) from France!!
She is my best customer (lol), she always buys charts from me (from my Sale and Trade blog), in spite of she bought many charts from me this time, too she e-mailed me that she will send something typical French things to me!

Look! What I received from Marina is here... (Chip'n Dale dolls are Sweeties favourite, and he again added them for my photo shoot, lol)
She sent me "de fil en aiguille", Bonne Maman's Galettes which is my FAVOURITE!!, sweets, hand dyed threads, felt owl, her cross stitched small bag and her 5 years old daughter's drawing for my Sweetie!

This is also that Sweetie lined and placed presents for shooting!
Her daughter's drawing is so well and lovely!
Thank you Marina and sweet daughter!

In the small bag, there were so many buttons, charms, ribbon, etc...
How lucky I am!
Thank you SO much for sending me surprise presents, Marina!!
I really appreciate for your kindness!

And today postman rung the door bell, and it was from dearest friend Nina in Hungary!
What a surprise! She sent me her beautiful works for me!

She sent me her beautiful and lovely strawberry fob+pincushion, and Fimo pins which was also made by her.

Look at them, how sweet they are and how sweet of you, Nina!

She also made this beautiful butterfly thread keeper by Fimo, how talented she is!
When I told about this to my mum, she was absolutely surprised!!

And these beautifully dyed threads also by her, they are so beautiful, I'm thinking how and when I use these beautiful threads!!

Thank you so much Nina for your kindness!
I'm so touched by them, and really appreciate for you always!

Take care and thanks for your visit!


Carmen said...

oh,so lovely gifts! congratulation Yuko, all is cute and beautiful. have a great week!.

Márti said...

Very nice gifts!!!

Carol R said...

Beautiful gifts for a beautiful young lady!

Loved the pictures too. Sweetie did a great job with the layout!

Dorothy said...

Those were lovely and thoughtful gifts Yuko. Those threads look wonderful. Have you decided on a project for them?

Nancy said...

What lovely gifts you received Yuko, but then you are a very special person!

Cindy F. said...

You really did receive some wonderful gifts!! Enjoy!!

CindyMae said...

What wonderful gifts you received!! Everything is just simply gorgeous!!

Rachel said...

Wow, what a great weekend! You have such thoughtful friends ;)

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko,
What a lovely lot of presents to receive.
Hope you are ok. Just heard that there was another Earthquake over there. - Sandra.

JOLENE said...

Hi Yuko, I hope this finds you feeling better than so so ok. Isn't it fun receiving packages from friends around the globe....nice buttons and thougthful friends. Lucky You!a

angelasweby said...

Wow Yuko,
What lovely packages you received. There are so many kind and really thoughtful people in the stitching family. De Fil en aiguille is such a fantastic magazine. I have an old copy and I look through it over and over again, it's almost worn out :>)
Nina's Fimo pins are gorgeous. What a clever girl she is :>)
Hiugs Angela