Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm getting better a little by little...

Hi everyone, so sorry that I made you worry about Tass and my health...
Thank you so much for concerning about it, I received many of e-mails, but sorry that I couldn't even reply you back.

I really appreciate for your warm hearts.

Tass got well after I posted last one, but after that I haven't been well somehow...
At first it was cold, but even though after I recovered from cold, I haven't been well at all.

I couldn't move at all because I was too sleepy felt really sluggish and also felt very dizzy whole day and everyday since then.

I was very disappointed and was irritated by myself that I can't do anything.
I have been quite making customers trouble about scissors, I'm so sorry about that.

But since yesterday, I tried to reduce to have my medicines, my condition has changed a bit.
I can move better than before, I didn't need to sleep whole day, so I realized that was excess of take in medicines that I have been taking for ages.

So I will discuss about this issue with my doctor on this coming Sunday, probably this means my ill is getting better than before! (I do hope so!)
But why am I always talking about our health all the time? This is a stitching blog, though!!!

I truly sorry for the customers for scissors to keep you waiting for a long time.
I will try to do my best.

And sorry Marie-P that I couldn't make you anything for our Easter exchange.

I will share your beautiful work on the next post!

Thank you so much for concerning about our health.
Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Bye for now,


SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Yuko, glad that you are feeling better = maybe too much medicine!

Feel better soon.

Melissa said...

Oh Yuko, I'm sorry you've been feeling poorly for awhile. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Sometimes medication will do that and you will have to adjust as you go!

Take care!

Cari-in-VA said...

Dear, sweet Yuko, what an ordeal you and your family have been thru - I pray that you will be feeling better very soon.

I am so happy to hear that Tass is back to his normal cute little self.

Our blogs are not just about stitching but about ourselves and I am so glad that you have kept us up to date on how you and Tass are doing.

I hope you have a glowing report from the doctor!

Susimac said...

I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Maybe your medications are wrong together.

FayeRaye said...

Glad you are getting better~ We have missed you....Take care so you can get back to stitching, Faye

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better. I was concern about you and Tass.

I miss seeing your do such lovely stitching.

Take care of yourself.

Margaret said...

I hope you feel totally back to normal soon. Get those medicines adjusted -- definitely sounds like they're not right for you anymore! Take care of yourself! And Tass too!

teresamcnamara said...

Dear Yuko,
Do take the time to get your health right. A family needs a healthy Mum! I'm sure you will get back to regular stitching in time and that your scissors customers will understand the delay. Your health and Tass' health are your top priority!

Jane said...

Yuko, so happy you're on the improve. Take care of yourself as your health is the most important thing.

Rosana said...

Que te mejores pronto amiga.
Un beso grande.

CindyMae said...

I hope things continue to get better!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Brigitte said...

It's good to read that your little son is healthy again. And that you are slowly feeling better, too. I'm sure that your customers will understand.

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! I have thinking about you and wondering if you were OK. I am so happy Tass (Sweetie!) is better now. I do hope that you will feel better soon. Medicines can make you feel bad sometimes if you have the wrong kind. Take care of yourself Yuko, and you know that you can talk about anything to your blog friends. We love you!

Carol R said...

I'm glad you are feeling well enough to blog! Don't overdo - take it one step at a time and you will be fit and well in no time.

Hugs to you and Sweetie xx

Pilar said...

I´m so glad to hear you are better.
Kisses to Tass
Tale care yourself
Hugs from barcelona

Vinniey said...

I'm so glad to hear you are getting better now. Hope to see your stitching again. :) Take great care and don't worry about the scissors, I have the patience to wait. :)

Argante del Lago said...

Dear Yuko ,
I'm really happy that you're better, and also your lovely Tass! Have a great sunday and don't worry about scissors!


Paulette said...

Please feel better soon, Yuko! I am so sorry you haven't been yourself lately - I get very annoyed too, when I can't do what I normally do. I hope you're feeling much more energetic soon... we sure do miss you!


Nayara said...

Querida Yuko me alegro de que te encuentre mejor, perdona por mis mensaje sobre el pedido , por que no habia encontrado este post, y ahora entiendo la tardancia de pedido que va camino del mes y al no tener notici , crei que se te habia olvidado. Resare para que pronto te encuentres como una rosa . Besos y Cuidate.

ana maria said...

Hi Yuko,
prinmero what is your health and welfare.
after everything else and everything will be perfect.
my best wishes for you and your family.
I write in English when recovered




Denise said...

I keep checking your blog everyday
to see if you are back! I hope you are feeling better and are getting well. It seems like it has been a long time since you became ill.
Best wishes and blessings....

Anonymous said...

All my love dearest Yuko. I do hope you feel better.

Marie-P said...

Hi Yuko, I am just checking in to see how you are doing. You have not posted in a while, I do hope that you are feeling better and doing okay.

marylin & poussy said...

Votre blog est magnifique
amitiés marylin de FRANCE

Isabelle said...

to heal and rest is essential, feel better soon.