Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Past 6 months of our life...

Today, I'm going to share and show you many photos that I took in the past 6 months.
I wasn't feeling well at all, though my mum asked me to go out so often if I could change my feeling... So even though I was very tired I went out with Sweetie when I could.
Here is some photos when we went to see tulip fields near by the facility where I have worked before I've married.
There is very huge ground and so we lied down on the field, it was very nice feeling in the nature.
But after that, we found so many deer's dungs(?) on the field, and we screamed!! (lol)

Here are some photos when we went to a shores of a river with my brother's family!
It was the first time for Sweetie to play in the river, so he was very excited with his cousins!!
They found a frog and I tried to touch it! geeeeee, but ces't la vie, it's mum's lesson to touch them!

Here are some photos when the summer festival was held at Preschool.
Sweetie wore
Jinbei and played a lot!
Last year, my mum sewed Jinbei for him, though he hated to wear them...
So she (my mum) seemed a bit sad (lol), and threw away this year as Sweetie can't fit in anymore...

By the way, I changed hair style, before I was going to let my hair grow, though it's too hot this summer and so I cut my hair about 20cm and now it's bobbed.
I also changed glasses, so it looks quite different from before!

Here are some photos when we went to the sea recently.
We just went to see the sea, but Sweetie + I went into the sea!
It was like hot spring, it was amazed, how hot summer this year is!!!
We decided to visit here again to swim, so I bought swimming wear!
It's hardly believe that I wear swimming wear, probably more than 10 years since the last time I bought swimming wear in Australia...

After we went to the sea, we went to the hotel near by to have some tea and cake.
Background is the sky that I took on that day, and other two photos are from the cafe.
Aren't they beautiful?!

He looks like a big boy already, his teeth already came out!!
It's quite early, isn't it? He just became 5 years old, though...

In Japan, when we were child, when my bottom tooth came out, we throw the tooth on the roof, and then when the upper tooth came out, we buried the tooth in the ground.
But recently there are milk teeth box, so I bought lovely one and put them in it as keepsake.

Sorry that I shared just daily topics, not stitching photos nor story at all, though thank you so much for your visit and reading!
I appreciate for your comments always!

Take care + will update stitching issue next time!

Bye for now,


Belinda said...

I love the creativity of your photos, is that done on digital computer? Looks like you've been having fun!

Margaret said...

Lovely to see all the pictures of your past 6 months. I hope you're feeling better soon. I can't believe Tass is old enough to have his teeth fall out! Such a big boy! My son had these landmarks early as well. Can't wait to see your stitching. Feel well!

Yasuko (yskmtmr) said...


Dorothy said...

Wonderful photos Yuko, and your presentation is fabulous!
Thank you for sharing the photos with us.