Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mary Glover SAL #1 and #2

Hi, since last week, my mum has been having cold, and now Sweetie Tass, too...
Mum is getting better, though Tass has quite high fever, but he is very fine, playing a lot in the house! :D
I hope I won't get their cold next!!

By the way, since after I finished "Sarah Spurr" © Carriage House Samplings, I have been stitching "
Mary Glover SAL".
I didn't know about this wonderful SAL, but Merumo asked me to join in, too!
When I jumped to the SAL blog, I fell in love with this beautiful design and decided to join in soon!
Thanks Merumo for asking me to join in it!

Here is a photo of #1.

I'm quite not sure about this combination about this linen and thread (DMC)...
I'm stitching one thread of DMC on 36ct Edinburgh Linen (Sandcastle by Silkweaver), though it seems a bit weak...
And this linen was my first try, but it's quite soft and hard to stitch along...
I was going to use this linen for "Isabella Johnstone", too so am not sure what to do for it...

Here is a photo of #2. As I wrote above, though I decided to continue to stitch on this linen, as I didn't want to frog and undo!
Now I think I can figure out how to stitch better than before, I'm stitching very softly not tight, and it looks became better than the first! whew...

The next is #3, but it's one over one that I really don't like, huh don't like?
No, I'm not good at one over one very very much!!!
So I was going to back stitch for this part as borrowing graph of Aida version, lol.
But Merumo gave me advice to do tent stitch!
I have never thought about tent stitch, so I really appreciate for her advice!
Thank you again, Merumo!
I hope tent stitch will be fine!

Before I try to do tent stitch for #3, I'm going to stitch "Anna Millet, 1895" SAL with Carol R., and also "Isabella Johnstone" SAL with Terri!

By the way, I have been so worried about the earthquake in New Zealand...
I have experienced "Great Hanshin earthquake" or "Kobe earthquake" when I was young, so I know how it was scared.
There are many of Japanese people in Christchurch, too.
I do really hope our prayer will reach for them.

Take care and have a lovely day.
Thank you so much for your visit and comment!


merumo said...

Glad to see you are enjoying Mary. I know what you mean by "skimpy look" with the combination of the 36ct linen & one strand of cotton floss. I was under the impression of you are using Wichelt linen, but that was wrong... Tent stitch over one is an easy solution and I'm sure you will figure it out without any problem ;) Have fun!

Carol R said...

Mary is looking beautiful. The colours are wonderful and look good against the colour of your linen. If I find fabric is a bit 'floppy' I use a light spray starch on the back to give it a bit of body.

Bertie said...

Yuko your MG is lovely, I have started it myself yesterday and will post some pics soon.

Hope you feel better soon.
Yes there are a Japanese students in Christchurch and hope they will be alright like the rest of the population, it looks devastating.

Nancy said...

Your sampler looks very pretty Yuko, and I'm so happy you are finding projects that are so enjoyable for you to stitch! Have fun!

Dorothy said...

Yuko, your Sampler looks wonderful.
It amazes me how much you get accomplished!
Hope everyone feels better soon, and you manage to avoid getting the cold.

Dora said...

Your sampler is gorgeous! I think that fabric is an excellent choice with those threads.

Melissa said...

Yuko, you are doing lots of SAL's! Your Mary is looking lovely. And I will look forward to seeing your SAL with Carol next!

Sally said...

Your Mary Glover is looking lovely so far Yuko.

Emmanuelle said...

Hi Yuko, this is great! You've done a very nice job on the Mary Glover!

mayumi said...


ところで、Sarah Spurrの完成おめでとうございます❤


Nami said...


Siobhán said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying Mary Glover! I did the over one in tent stitch, too. I know you'll do a great job!

Monica Moura said...

I'm doing the Mary Glover too! Yours is looking beautiful!!!!