Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Isabella Johnstone SAL : Schedule

Hi, Terri made a schedule for our Isabella Johnstone SAL! Thank you so much, Terri! Here are our plan! I haven't started Isabella yet, though she has already started and made a good progress! Oh I should hurry! :D

Week 1 - stitch the top, left and right side borders down to the eyelet stitches.
Week 2 - Stitch the top alphabet section down to the eyelet border (just above the cow)
Week 3 - left and right side borders down to the Isabella Johnstone.
Week 4 - stitch the eyelets and cow/grass section.
Week 5 - Stitch left and right borders to the bottom
Week 6 - Stitch the flowers and initials just below the cow and the flowers to the left of Isabella's name.
Week 7 - Stitch Isabella's name/date section and the flowers in the bottom left corner
Week 8 - stitch the flowers on the bottom right and the rest of the border at the bottom and we're done!

I also have "Anna Millet, 1895" SAL with Carol R. and Mary Glover SAL... I should work hard!! Take care and have a lovely day!

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Carol R said...

This sounds very organised Yuko! I look forward to seeing your WIP.

Pike said...

Hi Yuko, sent you an email about scissors...

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Thanks for posting our schedule, Yuko! I am busy working away but have not finished this weeks "assignment", yet. I hope I'll have it done by the weekend - I'm ready to stitch something besides leaves! :-)

Susana de Argentina said...

dear Yuko, I am worried about you and your family, I was watching in TV the Tsunami, are you an your family well? love from Argentina!

Querida Yuko estoy preocupada por ti y tu familia! ruego a Dios que estén bien!!! un abrazo desde Argentina!!!

Carol R said...

I've emailed you Yuko. I am so worried about you, Tass and mum. Maybe you have no power. Keep safe