Sunday, May 15, 2011

PS "Birth Sampler III" For UTA, Framed

Hi, it's been so long time.
I have been unwell again, somehow...
So haven't been stitching much recently, sigh ;(

By the way, I was forgetting to post this "Birth Sampler III" © Prairie Schooler for a long time!
This was a gift for my dear friend's baby girl, and I presented her when we met in Jan.
Her daughter, sweet Uta is so lovely, she was always smiling at me!! :D
I wasn't sure if my dear friend S. likes this (cross stitch work and this design...), but she was really pleased to receive this and so I was very very happy!!!

My dear friend and I always so enjoy our time, we are always chatting and laughing a lot even though this time it's been about 7 years since the last time we've met in person!!

Can you see the warped lines??
I think it was the first time for me to frame such design which has outer lines in it, and it was so difficult to adjust to frame...
Moreover, I miss cut fabric for this design (lol), so couldn't do beautifully more than usual...

I didn't like it (warped lines) so much, so said sorry to her about it, but she said "If you didn't mention it, I wouldn't realize about it! (lol)"
I shouldn't have told her!!! :p
But she said, if her darling daughter Uta realized about it one day when she grew up, she would tell her about miss cut fabric, LOL
She was just kidding, though!!
This time, I choose lame white frame with salmon pink outline, and added very light pink mat for this.
IRL, the frame and also the stitched piece are more lighter colour and soft, and it was quite lovely! :D
I'm planning to stitch this piece for my DS Tass someday in the near future!!

By the way, Tass became 6 years old yesterday!!!
How time flies so fast!! Can't believe, it's been 6 years already!!
He is thinking he became a very big boy, so didn't cry when he tripped over a stone and fell on his face "twice" today! lolGood boy! :D

We are planning to hold a meeting of stitching group on Tuesday, although I'm not well.
I told them if I was lying down then, please laugh and forgive it! :p

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Bye for now,

Design : "Wedding and Birth Sampler III" © Prairie Schooler
Fabric : 10B Fremme Linen
Thread : DMC


Sally said...

What a beautiful finish for your friend Yuko. I love the colours and the frame is so pretty.

Happy Birthday to your son!

Sorry to hear you've been unwell. I hope you are feeling much better soon {{{hugs}}}

Dovilė said...

amazing work, Yuko:)
take care and wishes to your son:)

Carol R said...

Such a lovely birth sampler Yuko.
Happy Birthday Tass - he is growing up fast!
Be well soon dear friend

Nina said...

Yuko, this is so beautiful picture!
Wish Happy Birthday to Tass, and all my best wishes to you and him :)

Karen said...

It's very pretty Yuko. Trying to frame a piece with an outlined border like that must be very hard. I think you did a great job at it and I agree with your friend, if you hadn't said anything we would have never noticed. :) I hope you feel better soon. Wishing Tass a very Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

Yuko, your stitching and the framed piece are very pretty. I don't see anything wrong with it!

Happy 6th Birthday to your dear Tass!

I hope you feel better soon!

Theresa said...

This is such a beautiful gift for your friend!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to your Tass~~~ Time fly so fast!! I can't believe he is 6 now!!!

Hope you will get well soon!!!

Dorothy said...

What a beautiful gift for your friend's new baby. You did a wonderful job, as always, Yuko. I loved how you framed it.
Hope you are feeling better soon, and Happy Birthday to Tass.


merumo said...

What a fun and pretty birth sampler you finished!! Congrats! Hope you are feeling a lot better by now so that you can enjoy meeting with your friends tomorrow...

Michelle said...

It's so pretty - and looks lovely framed! What a sweet gift!

Berit said...

This is so lovely! I adore your faming job on this--thanks for sharing! :D I hope you'll be able to change your mood in the warm spring weather and that you'll be feeling better soon!

Nancy said...

The birth sampler is very beautiful Yuko, and I am sure your friend was so happy to receive it! It looks lovely in the pink and white frame.

I can not believe Tass is six years old! He is getting to be such a big boy. I hope you feel better soon. I am sorry to hear you are not well again.

angelasweby said...

Yuko, I'm so sorry you have been unwell again. I hope you begin to feel much better soon. Happy birthday to Tass. He really is growing up fast. I hope he didn't hurt himself too much and enjoyed his birthday celebrations..
The birth sampler for your friend is beautiful. No wonder she loves it. Your framing is amazing.
I've been away on holiday so I'm a bit out of touch :>) Sorry.
Warm affection, as always. Angela xx

cerato said...

I love birth sampler Yuko.
Happy birthday to Tass!!
Take care.

Gabi said...

What a gorgeous birth sampler. Love it.
Hopefully you'll feel better soon

Jennifer said...

I'm a little late, but I hope Tass had a wonderful birthday! Six - what a big boy he is!!!! And I hope you are feeling better!

Unknown said...

i hope you feel better soon Yuko.
you stitching is lovely, and happy birthday to Tass, my daughter birthday is today (May 28), and she became 9 years old..the time flies..

Anonymous said...

votre blog est superbe ♥♥

cross stitch kits said...

this is a beautiful sampler. Hope you feel better soon

lillyblanc said...

Votre travail est de toute beauté!
Quelle patience à broder en si petits points.
Toutes mes félicitations!

Sève said...

How many beautiful embroideries on your blog ! I like it very much.