Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The First Pinkeep

Here they are!
I've finished to make the pinkeep last night and will share some photos of it!
This was the first time for me to make pinkeep,it was a bit difficult for me to sew up, but it was quite fun!

How is this?
I've made this pearl pin by myself.
I have been planning to make like this big pin for the top of pinkeep, since I've seen the picture of pinkeep design from EEF, and it was almost the "first sight love" !
I really like this pin! Isn't this lovely?

I used two types of ribbons, one is silk and another one is an organdy with lace.

Here is the backing fabric which I choose for this pinkeep.

The size of this pinkeep is about 14cm square...
It's a bit big as a pinkeep, isn't it? lol
This time I made this as a practice for the pinkeep exchange, so will try to make more nicely for the 2nd time practice.

[note] "ABC maison bleue" (Free chart) @ Les grilles de Maryse
32ct Belfast Linen (Antique Ivory) x DMC


littlehands said...

Wow, it's nice. But what's inside? Do we need to make something inside to make it thick enough for keeping pins?

Cindy said...

What a sweet pinkeep you have made. Congratulations for the happy dance.

sharon said...

I think your pinkeep turned out great! congrats.