Thursday, May 10, 2007

One year old stitcher!

As I noticed in the last article, I add some photos of the framed "Four Friends Sampler" here!
I made mount (mat? the karhki frame around the fabric) by myself.
I thought it would be better in the brown wooden frame, but it didn't funny at all in the white frame! Don't you think?

The fabric I used for the mount (mat?) does suit the thread colour of alphabets, so it looks more sober and I like it.

I added rich-rack tape on the top and the bottom!Isn't this lovely?!
I really like this design and fabric!There are the same fabric and threads left, so I'm thinking to make the same one for myself!

I became "1 year old stitcher" this month!
It has been just 1 year since I've started cross stitch as my hobby!
I've never thought that I would be crazy for cross stitch this much!
My (small) dream at the moment is, I'd like to decorate walls with full of framed beautifull my own stitches!
Plus! I want to write whatever I want properly, in English here!
That's my second year's aim!!

[note] "Four Friends Sampler" © Bright Needle (Book No. 27)
32ct Belfast Linen (Vintage Country Mocha) with Anchor + DMC threads


Joei said...

Good job!!! It's beautiful.
Happy 1st cross stitching anniversary. Cross stitch is really addictive. I for one is an addict too, lol!
Congrats for all the beautiful finishes!!!

littlehand said...
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littlehands said...

Ha, ha, I can't believe you are only 1 year old as I think you are experienced stitcher. I like cross stitching too, you'll never be bored to go with it. The most important thing is you would know many fans in the world with different kind of cross stitching interests!
I like your way of framing, I think, to me, how to choose an appropriate frame is the most difficult part of stitching a piece.
I have the same goal as yours, a wall of my cross stitched pieces, hey, you see, great minds think alike!

Carto said...


I came across your blog after visiting Rowyn's blog. Congratulations on reaching your cross stitching anniversary! It is a hobby you will not regret taking up. Your stitching is very beautiful :-)

sharon said...

Wow, your four friends sampler is just beautiful -as is your framing. You have only been stitching for a year-I would have never guessed. Your work is lovely. Happy Anniversary to you.