Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3rd Angel for PS Wreath SAL

I added this "Blackwork Angel" by Prairie Schooler to my WIPs, but hadn't been stitching at all, actually.
But recently I've found this WIP in my stitching bag, and suddenly felt like stitching this again!
I don't know why, I didn't like gold thread either back stitch very much, though...

It has been a long time since the last time I stitched this, and this time I could enjoyed to stitch along, somehow...
Even though, there are so many gold threads area in this design.

It's only my 3rd Angel, I have 5 angels to go, lol
But I focused on 2008's Christmas, so there are plenty of time to stitch along and finish them off as ornaments.

There are so many wonderful SALs, I would like to join in some of them, but there is no time to namage them for me at the moment, so I'm giving it up...

I will try to make my stitching rotation later, so maybe I think I will be able to figure and will see what I should stitch or to do now!

Everytime when I stitch this "Blackwork Angels", I feel very relief and relax by this Angels faces.
Their faces are so peacefull, even though I got tired, her face makes me smile.

P.S. I have been asked from some people about the name of white flower which I posted before, but unfortunately there was no name tag for that flower when I bought it, so I don't know what the name is... I'm sorry about it :D

"Blackwork Angels" (Book No. 103) © Prairie Schooler
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory) with DMC (Gold = #E3821), 1 strand


Itching To Stitch said...

Yuko ~ Your finish is very pretty. Congratulations ;)

Vonna said...

What a lovely angel! It's going to be fabulous on your wreath!

Thank you for your kind words on my blog too :)

Sally said...

What a beautiful angel Yuko:)

Nancy said...

I am so happy you are stitching your angels again Yuko! You are doing such beautiful stitching on them, and I remember that you said the peaceful faces make you feel so content. This will be a beautiful project for Christmas 2008.

Solstitches said...

Hi Yuko,
You're getting well ahead for Christmas 2008 and should have all of your angels finished in good time.
This one is so pretty. I don't care for stitching with gold thread either but I love the way it looks.

Eles Kleine Wunderwelt said...

Dear Yuko,
is wonderful to see you stitching the TPS angels again, because I love them!
I want to stitch they too, but so far I had no time and no pattern of it.
Now I can see them on your blog and maybe on Christmas on blog. :o)
Have a good time

Carla said...

Lovely angel! Congrats on the finish!

Joei said...

Another lovely angel. Congrats!

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko, I'm glad that you are continuing with your beautiful blackwork angels. I remember the other ones that you have done. As with all angels that have beautiful, serene faces - Sandra.

tkdchick said...

Your angel looks just great!

Garden Girl said...

Hi Yuko! I love the Blackwork Angels. I have wanted to stitch these for the longest time ~ seeing your beautiful work inspires me to take the chart out and look for linen and thread! Thanks for sharing your progress!