Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nightmare Sampler

As I wrote in the last post, I have been suffering from terrible stiff neck, but I found its origin, I think it's cavity!!
From last night I have been suffering from toothache and I found that my left cheek is swollen this morning!
So I made an appointment with the dentist for today... ('~';)
I have to go to see a doctor later I finished writing this post... sigh and I'm scared...
Anyway, I hope that I will be able to be set free from terrible stiff neck, so I can finally stitch!

By the way, as I promised, here are some stitching progress photos to share.

This is "Birds Sampler" © Brenda Keyes (from book : Traditional Samplers) which I call as "Nightmare Sampler" (lol).
Why this is nightmare, is whenever I try to stitch this sampler, Big FLOG comes to me, I don't know how many times I frogged... almost every parts I frogged I think...

Anyway, I'm stitching this sampler as SAL with Japanese friends!
Everyone has been stitching on different counts, different linens, and some are using silk threads, etc... it's fun to compare and see what they are like.
I hope no more FROG come to me when I stitch this sampler!

Design : "Birds Sampler" by Brenda Keyes (Book : Traditional Samplers)
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen / Vintage Country Cream
Thread : DMC

And here is "Sunflower House" progress!
It's nearly ready to finish!! Woo hoo!
I just need to stitch borders, then it will complete!
This is looking very summer-like and so cheerful isn't it!?
I love this, my husband also likes this very much, so we are going to take this to framer!

Design : "Sunflower House" © Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers #9
Fabric : 28ct Cashel Linen - Vintage / Vintage Blue (5139)
Thread : GAST

Here is a photo of my little son in policeman's uniform!
He is cute, isn't he! We went to a small event of Japanese police for children.
He is crazy for cars, so he was so excited to see police cars in person!

(Edited / *Removed a photo 19/08/08)

Funny but, he posed like a policeman in the photo.
This photo makes me so happy and smile always when I look at!

By the way, I bought a new mobile phone recently, it's a new model and I chose PINK one!
It illuminates the surface of this mobile when I've got a mail or phone call, and also when I closed the phone, it also illuminates with blue heart motifs!

But actually I haven't been able to manage this phone at all, I was quite good at mechanics when I was young, but recently I feel keenly what I'm getting old and old, I don't know how to use it (lol)
I need to read a fat manual...

Oh I must go! Have to prepare for going out to the dentist...

Happy stitching!


Georgie said...

Gee, I hope you feel better soon, Yuko! Having tooth ache is terrible...I love your BK sampler. It is so pretty. Also, the Sunflower House looks great finished.

Your little boy is so cute in that little uniform!

Carol R said...

Good luck at the dentist - I hope he fixes the problem!

I love your Nightmare Sampler or should we call it the Frog Sampler? lol

Cute photo of T with his police car.

Oh wow that phone is something to die for. I'm a real techie and would love that one! What make is it?


Anonymous said...

I love the birds sampler and Sunflower House is looking very pretty!

Cute photo of your son :) I hope you're feeling better soon.

Stitcher said...

here's hoping you're better soon.

Anonymous said...

Ouch!! Hope the dentist can fix you right up!
Your stitching is just beautiful!!
Oooh, that's my kind of phone...LOL!!

Annie said...

Hope you feel better soon. Your stitching looks lovely and the pink phone is really cool. But the best part of the post is that gorgeous little boy. That's a photo to treasure forever!

Rachel said...

I love your samplers! The Sunflower House looks amazing ;)

Hope you get better after visiting the dentist!

I love the pic of your little boy. He is super cute in the uniform ;)

Hope you have a great weekend despite a visit to the dentist!

Jennifer said...

I don't like going to the dentist either, so I wish you luck!!!

staci said...

Good luck at the Dentist and hope you're feeling better soon...I had that happen to me (the swollen cheek) fairly recently too.

Love how your Sunflower house is turning out, so bright and cheerful!

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! It is so good to see you blogging again!

Your Brenda Keyes sampler is gorgeous - is it a gorgeous nightmare?!! And, your Sunflower House is very beautiful. I will look forward to seeing it framed.

Oh your little boy is soooo cute! He is a big policeman!

I hope you feel better soon Yuko. That happened to me one time, and the dentist pulled my tooth. Then I was like new!


Sally said...

I hope you are much better soon Yuko. Gentle hugs from England.

All of your stitching is simply beautiful as always:)

Love the photo of your son!

Susimac said...

Hope the trip to the dentist has sorted out your toothache and stiff neck, - hope it wasn't an abcess, I had one of those and boy was it painful so I understand how you must be feeling. Love your Brenda Keyes sampler its so pretty. Your BD Sunflower house looks so cheerful, not long til its finished


Carla said...

I hope you feel better soon Yuko!
Both wips are beautiful!

geeky Heather said...

Yuko, I hope your stiff neck is better soon! My husband had a terrible toothache earlier this year and had to have a "root canal". So, I understand it is very painful to have tooth problems!

The picture of your son is so cute! Kawaii!!!! And your stitching is beautiful!

Hearty Bakes said...

hi Yuko! Hope you are feeling better now.
Beautiful progress. I like sunflower House too, love its summery colours.
Your boy looks so adorable and he certainly looks smart in that policeman uniform!

Ellen said...

Hi Yuko,

I came across your blog recently through another link and I love it. You and your friends make such beautiful things, I fell in love with them. In Singapore, we are not so creative but recently I have been trying to make floss ring tag. I love cross stitching and hardanger. I am teaching these in a crafty shop in Singapore. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful things on your blog. Ellen Lock

Yasmin said...

Hi Yuko,
I hope you are feeling better soon from your toothache and stiff neck.. By the way, your son is so big already? Hmm He looks really cook in the policeman uniform ;))

Teri said...

The "nightmare" sampler is beautiful and certainly worth all your efforts and the aggravation! The picture of your son is adorable. Hope you get relief soon after your trip to the dentist!

Mãe da Rita said...

Hi, Yuko, I hope you are feeling better now, toothaches are the worst pains, I think! Your son is beautiful, he´s so cute in his uniform! And your Sunflower House is beautiful oo, let´s wait now for The nightmare sampler, lol! Have a nice Sunday! Hugs! MJ

Dovilė said...

Your Brenda Keyes sampler is beautiful :) And, your Sunflower House is almost finished perfect :)

Oh your little boy is cute! He is a big policeman!
Take care

Margaret said...

How dreadful to feel so ill you can't stitch. I hope the dentist and doctor between them can cure your problems.

Your son looks so cute in his uniform!

Take Care

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko, I hope you are feeling a lot better now and that the stiff neck has gone. There's nothing worse than a toothache.
Your Birds Sampler is beautiful as is your Sunflower Sampler. They should both be lovely when they are framed.
Your little boy is very cute. Take care - Sandra.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling much better now.

Lovely SAL progress, looking great. Very nice color too on the sunflower, so bright and cheerful.

Your DS is soooo cute.


Anonymous said...

Sunflower House is GORGEOUS! Your son looks so cute in his uniform! I loved the picture of him. I hope you feel better soon - toothache is such a BAD pain. I will be thinking of you and wishing you a get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuko
か、かわいすぎる~! 息子くん☆


Birds Samplerは私もお気に入りです☆


Anne said...

I hope you feel better Yuko! You have made a great progress on your Blackbird designs, and the BK sampler is so beautiful! Take care

Tanya said...

Your son is darling - what a cute picture!!! Hope your toothache is gone and you are on meds to alleviate the pain now. Take good care.


Unknown said...

He's so cute! How exciting that the BD piece is almost done. Hope you feel better soon.

Ele said...

Oh dear,
love the birds sampler and Sunflower House is looking very pretty!

This is a cute photo of your son :O) I hope you're feeling better soon, Yuko.

All my best for you

flom said...

I hope you fell better now!
this sampler is so pretty i love it
your soon is so cut on the photo
bizzzzzzzzzzzzzz a tous les deux

Solstitches said...

Yuko you are making me laugh! When you were young? You ARE young LOL. Anyway, the pink mobile phone is pretty and I'm sure you have mastered how to use it by now.
The picture of your little policeman is adorable - he's just so cute :)
Your Sunflower house is gorgeous and your nightmare sampler is too.
It's funny but every time I stitch anything with trailing vines on it I find I go wrong all the time.
I hope your toothache is a thing of the past and that you are feeling much better.

Joy said...

Hi Yuko,
I love that bird sampler ~ it reminds me a lot of a Brenda Keyes I am stitching on right now. I've done a little frogging myself.
The photo of your son is adorable!

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