Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PIF (Pay It Forward) FOR Elisa

I can't believe, it's the last day of the year tomorrow!!
In Japan we clean the whole house at the end of the year, but this year I didn't do anything...
I was just mentally and physically tired (is this just excuse?? lol), I haven't been able to stitch much nowadays.

By the way, I heard that the Elisa has received the PIF gift safely, so I can share some photos what I made for her.
I was quite not sure what her tastes are, but light blue flashed into my mind when I thought about Elisa, so I bought a bit antique blue basket and stitched an angel in blue.

And I trimmed the basket lid and the stitched piece with shinny light blue gathered lace.

The back of the lid is also covered the same fabric that I used for the front.

I red that Elisa liked this and some goodies that I sent her, so I now feel relieved!!
3 PIFs done and 3 more PIFs to go!
I should tidy up my stitching stuffs soon, and have to try to concentrate on making 3 more PIF gifts!!

I decided to visit my PIL on the new years day with my husband and son, but I asked my husband not to stay there long time... otherwise I will get sick, mentally!!
I should visit shrine near by to buy a talisman before I visit them!!

Please fingers crossed for me!
And have a Happy new year, everyone!!

Thanks for visiting, and let's talk soon in 2009!

Design : Freebie © Casamia
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Ivory)
Thread : DMC
Finished as : Basket lid


staci said...

Very pretty basket Yuko :) The color is really lovely and the ribbon is a perfect match!

Have a Happy New Year!!!

Julie said...

This is lovely!! Great job at finishing! Can't wait to see your other PIF's.

stitchersanon said...

Your PIF is beautiful. I am sure elisa will love it. My PIL have the same effect on me, especially my MIL...bless. Have a happy new year.

Nancy said...

I love the little baskets that you make Yuko, and this one is also very beautiful!

I will think of you while you visit your PIL. Happy New Year to you!

Susimac said...

Its a lovely PIF Yuko and good luck for New Years Day - and a Happy Happy New Year for you xx

Susimac said...

Its a lovely PIF Yuko and good luck for New Years Day - and a Happy Happy New Year for you xx

Nina said...

Yuko, you made a perfect basket! You are so so talented! I really like it! Beautiful gift :)

I wish you and yours a very happy new year with fuill of love, peace and joy!

Big hugs,

Tammy said...

Yuko, that PIF is absolutely beautiful! I agree that you should get a Talisman of some sort. Maybe must having something will make you smile on the inside and hopefully you won't have to stay long! Chin up! :)

angelasweby said...

You've created a really lovely PIF for Elisa. The little angel in blue is very pretty. I love these baskets and have my little pink one out where i can see it all the time :>)
I will be thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts for you when you visit your PIL. You are paying your respects to them so they will have nothing to criticise you about - one point to you..haha!
Warm hugs, Angela

Carol R said...

What a beautiful blue basket - Elisa will be happy to have this.

I will be thinking of you when you visit your PIL and sending you happy thoughts! SMILe ...


Irene said...

Lovely basket. You made a simple design look so elegant. Happy New Year !

Anonymous said...

Yuko, it's perfect basket! Very beautiful work and a wonderful idea! :)

I wish you and yours happy new year, full of love!

Patricia Lessell said...

Absolutely gorgeous Yuko and sorry I haven't been looking for the past year but my year has been dreadful. Roll on 2009 and hope this is better and you feel better soon too. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Daffycat said...

Beautiful PIF, Yuko!

Do they have any talismans specificly to ward off hateful people?

Rowyn said...

You always do such beautiful stitching and finishing. The basket is just gorgeous.

Good luck visiting your PIL tomorrow.

Happy new year Yuko.

Lennu said...

It's a beautiful gift!! I hope you'll feel better soon and that the new year brings you lots of happiness :)

Rachel said...


I hope you have a lovely New Year's!!

The basket you made for Elisa is gorgeous. I always love the way you finish your stitched pieces.

Good luck with your PILs ^___^

Jane said...

Beautiful gift, Yuko. As always your finishing is amazing.

Happy 2009! I'm two hours ahead of you, so we're already into 2009 here. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - glad you like the photos. :)

Happy stitching in 2009!

Sally said...

Your PIF for Elisa is beautiful Yuko.

Happy New Year!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful finish! Great pif.

Your son is sooo precious:)

Good luck @ the in-laws! Deep breaths.

Janaina said...

I never know what I like the most: your absolutely erfect stitching or the neatest finishing ever seen!=)
Great work!

Julie said...

Wonderful basket, how beautiful.