Monday, December 22, 2008

Molto Grazie, Claudia!!

Yesterday was a mail day, a postman rung the door bell and said it's an express mail, but I was not sure what it is and from who... but when I opened the door, I found that the postman was holding a big puffy envelope from Italy!
It was from dear friend, Claudia!! Just look at these beautiful presents from her!
I was just overwhelmed!!

She added so many goodies for me and for my son Tass as well, they all are very beautifully wrapped, so I hesitated to open them for a while!

Please look at this fabulously beautiful mini pillow made by her...
I was just speechless... and was so touched by her stunning finish...

Colours are so soft and so beautiful, and she added pearls and ribbon at four corners.
And it smells so nice as well!!
I have never seen such a beautiful finished work, when the first time I've saw her work, I was speechless I remember, and this time again!

Her works are always so perfect!!! Thank you SO SO much Claudia for such a wonderful Christmas present!!

She added some toys and scissors which is for kids for my son!
It's the first time for him to have scissors, and he wanted to try to use them so much.
He soon learnt how to use them and here is a photo!
He so enjoyed to cut papers!!

Claudia also included a piece of paper which her daughter (I call her "little princess"!) drew herself, her mum and me!
It's so sweet and well drew! Thanks little princess Melissa! xx
And molto grazie mille per Claudia, I really appreciate for your thoughtfullness!!

We also have got another parcel, it was from Fiona, and the parcel was to my son!

My son was so excited to open his parcel, he loves parcels!! (lol)

It was an album of our memory photos in Karuizawa, and they were so nice!

Thank you so much, Fiona!
We are looking forward to seeing you more in 2009!

My mum is going back to her home tomorrow, My son and I will miss her so much...
He LOVEs his grand mother (my mum) SO much, so I'm so worried and I'm sure that he will cry a lot to say good bye to her...
We are telling him that grand-ma is going to work tomorrow, so he is thinking that she will be back soon.
I hope he still believes it, and won't cry when she leaves...

Take care and thanks for visiting!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


Cindy F. said...

Wow!! Such wonderful gifts from Claudia! Her pillow finish is beautiful, absolutely breathtaking!
and how nice of her to send your ds toys and scissors:) Very good pics of him! He is adorable:)

Nina said...

Your friend made wonderful gifts for you :) And you always took so nice pictures!

Ginnie said...

whta a lovely gift and such a delicate looking pillow. So glad your son got a gift too... how thoughtful.

Melissa said...

How lovely to get such a basket of goodies from Claudia! Her pillow is just exquisite and so special that it's personalized for you!

Your little guy is so very cute! Enjoy a Merry Christmas with your family Yuko!

Dovilė said...

very lovely gifts:)

Carol R said...

A beautiful gift from Claudia - such a pretty finish and so sweet of her to send gifts for Mr T too! He looks like he is having fun with the scissors and his little face is such a picture when he gets his parcel!

I wish you mum a safe trip home.

Susimac said...

Wonderful gifts Yuko, thankyou so much for your card, its lovely, I will be in touch soon, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2009


Mãe da Rita said...

How wonderful pillow!! Your gifts are amazing, you're a lucky girl ;-D (but your quaker for Carol is also beautiful, I LOVED the ribbon with leaves!!). Your son is very, very cute! Hope you'll visit your mom soon, it's good for you, I think. Hugs for you, have a nice week! (I have new finishes at my blog, if you want to step by...)

Anita said...

What a pretty pillow. Have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year.

Julie said...

Beautiful gifts, the pillow is stunning.

Olga said...

Your gifts are wonderful! Claudia's pillow is sodelicate , the finishing is fantastic! Enjoy the gifts!
Your little man has grown so much! An adorable boy! :-)
Happy Holidays

Rachel said...

Wow! Your friend Claudia always makes such lovely gifts! The pillow is very beautiful!

Love the pic of your son and his new pair of scissors!

Have a happy Christmas!!

Christine said...

Beautiful gifts. The pillow is gorgeous.
Happy Christmas!

Jane said...

Wonderful presents, Yuko. That pillow is so pretty.

Hope you and your family have a happy Christmas.

Pumpkin said...

Oh, how beautiful! Carol did such an amazing job! Those are two lovely packages to arrive in the mail.

You DS is so cute :o)