Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Were Waiting For Me...

Hi, I have just arrived to my mum's home yesterday, whew...
I still have fever (sometimes it's slight fever...), so I will visit some doctors.

Anyways, what were waiting for me when I arrived mum's house is, so many envelopes, some were puffy! :)
Of course I couldn't resit to open them soon I have found them, and I was so excited!!!
Please let me share them with you!

First of all, my dear friend Angela (no blog) have told me that she sent presents for me and for my son to my mum's home, and here they are!

Angela also knows that I love Pink (she also likes pink!), so she gathered pink goodies for me!
How sweet of her, they are SO lovely, truly lovely, I love everything she sent me!
Fabrics that she sent me are so pretty, she added so many laces and ribbons and pale pink and purple linen, rose soaps, chocolate, heart shaped hook! Oh my...
Thank you so much Angela!!!

But she added more than them!
She made me a so sweet pinkeep which I fell in love when she showed me in the e-mail last year!
This is from Ewe & Eye & Friends (EEF), it's so lovely, isn't it?!

The backing fabric she used is also so cute and perfect, which her sister sent her, I heard.
I'm so happy to have this with me now!
Thank you so much for your warm heart always, dear Angela!

She also sent some toys for my son!! Activity Fun Notebook and zebra's puppet, and chocolate and there was also Coca Cola's truck!!! Why the truck wasn't in the photo???
Of course he opened it sooner after he found it started play with it! :)

Thank you Angela, now he is remembering about your name and where you are from!
He is now saying Auntie Angela! ("Angela Obachan" in Japanese)

And here is some trade that I have done with some friends.
As you may know that I have opened Sale & Trade blog before (I will open it later again), and some people asked me to trade charts!

Sharon and I traded a chart and she asked me to send over dyed threads instead charts or pay.
And I love to correct over dyed threads which I can't easily to buy in Japan, so I said OK to trade with threads!
And Sharon kindly sent me so many beautiful threads!!! Look at them!
Lovely colours over dyed threads and some Vikki Clayton's silk threads!
Thank you so much, Sharon!
I really love them as I told you in the mail, thanks a lot!!

And here is from Melissa. Melissa and I also traded a chart, but she also kindly send me an extra chart which I wanted!
How sweet of you, Melissa! Thank you so much for your kindness!
I want to stitch it as soon as I can!

Thanks everyone for your kind heart towards me, I do really appreciate for them all!!!

By the way, here in Japan the tradition of "St. Valentine's day" is give chocolate from women to men (I don't like this tradition much...).

As always I bought chocolates for my husband and this year for my son, too!
Here is a chocolate for my husband with some message... :)

And here is for my sweetie!
Actually I just wanted this heart shaped tin can, LOL (sorry sweetie, but I know you also just want chocolates, lol)

I don't feel like stitching yet, though I started a few lines from last night not to fall asleep soon.
Just a little by little, it's getting be fun.
I'm going to stitch some lines from now, too! :)
I hope that motivation for stitching will be increase more and more!!

Take care and have a lovely day!
Thanks for visiting!


Nancy said...

Hello Yuko,

I am glad you arrived at your mum's house safe and sound. Angela sent you such a beautiful package, and coming from her makes it more special! She made you a beautiful pinkeep. All of the goodies you traded are so fun, and the Valentine's are beautiful!

I hope you will be feeling better now. Take care!

Rachel said...

The tulip design is beautiful! Angela is an amazing stitcher ;)

LOL I love the picture of your son and his Valentine's candy! I can't wait to see what your husband and son get you for White Day.

Get well soon!!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I'm sorry you're still not feeling well.

The package from Angela is lovely!

Nina said...

Szia Yuko,

Nice to hear about you! I'm glad you arrived to your Mum's home, I hope the doctors can help you!
Fever is not a good thing...

You got beautiful gifts! Pink is a nice color ;)

I hope you get well soon, thinking of you!


Julie said...

Beautiful gifts, i love the heart shaped tin.

Enjoy your time at your mums home.

Rest and stitch.

Carol R said...

Great package from Angela - beautiful tulip pinkeep.

Happy to hear you are now with your mum so you can rest up and get well soon!

Hugs to you and sweetie!
SMILe xx

Carmen said...

beautiful and cute gifts!!
i hope you fell better and better.

Olga said...

Wonderful gifts from your friends but I am sorry to hear you are still not well.
Get well soon!

Theresa said...

Those are some wonderful package you got~~~

Have a good time at your mom's place~

geeky Heather said...

What a beautiful pink package!!

I hope you get nice things on White Day in return for your chocolates!!

Melissa said...

That's so nice that packages were waiting for you at your Mom's house. Angela has certainly sent lots of wonderful goodies!

I am glad you liked your surprise chart. I hope to see you stitching it soon.

Hope you feel better soon!

Siobhán said...

Angela does such beautiful work--lucky you to be the recipient! Your trade packages are wonderful, too. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful package from Angela you got. She is doing such great and thoughtful stitching so enjoy all the goodies she sent to you and your little son.
Enjoy Sharon's trade package as well!
It's good to know that you are finally at your mother's so that you can take much better care of your health. I wish you all the best.

Ele said...

My dear Yuko,

I am happy to hear about you and that you arrived your Mum's house well.
Hoping you are fine and can enjoy the wonderful package of Angela.

Unfortuately I wasn't succsessful with my mails (5) to your different addresses, don't know why...

So my best whishes for you in this comment

take care my friend

Gabriele with hugs and kisses

staci said...

I hope that you are getting plenty of rest now that you are at your Mum's.

How wonderful to arrive and have such wonderful gifts awaiting you :)

And your son is such a cutie.

Take care {{hugs}}

Cindy said...

It looks like you received some wonderful gifts!

Hope you are feeling better soon :)

Pumpkin said...

It's always good to go home and get taken care of :o) Hopefully you'll have some answers soon Yuko. ((((HUGS))))