Friday, June 12, 2009

Private Exchange FOR Nina

Finally I could manage stitching and finishing Nina's Exchange, whew...

We had been talking about our private exchange since the last year, and she sent me wonderful exchange in April, but I couldn't make anything nice, I have never failed such many times before, then took time until send it out recently...

As you know, Nina is so talented and I've received wonderful works of hers first, so I was very hesitating to stitch and make something for her... you know what I mean?!
I was going to stitch sewing case by Lavender Lace, but there were so many specialty stitches, and also one over one, and I failed so many times, so I gave up!

Next time, I decided to stitch and make sewing sets by French designers, but the almost whole stitches were one over one, and I gave up again, as I can't do it...
Then decided to make this tin designed by LHN for her, but you know, again I made careless mistake on it, and so I decided to stitch one more piece...
I have never failed so many times like this time before!!
There must be BIG frog still on my shoulders!!

So here are two tins for her and for myself because I decided to complete mistaken one for myself.
I know Nina likes pink, but the design is based on light blue, so I added light blue flowery ribbon around the stitched pieces, and added pearl beads on four corners.
I also made a fob and pincushion for her.

Uhmmmm, it was too much, too fussy?
I was a bit worried about this, but I received a sweet mail from her, and she told me that she loves everything, so I'm so happy and feel relief now!

Here is mine, I will post how I failed and made mistake on hers and mine, though I added small ribbon charm on the mistaken spot to hide it.

This exchange had also another highlight, we exchanged our countries spices!
Her fiancee Tamas wants to try Japanese spices, so I sent her many of spices of our country and also instant miso soup, etc...!
I hope Tamas and Nina will love them!!

Thank you so much Nina for this lovely exchange!!

Here is a Strawberry Diary, we (actually sweetie) picked 5 pieces of strawberries this time!
This photo was taken on 5th of June, now strawberries are taking nap (lol), there seem not so many left to grow up...
Hope they will grow up more and more and let us taste again! :D

There is only one day left two days left for GIVEAWAY!
I changed the deadline to 14, June (Sunday) Japanese time.
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There are so many people is joining this GIVEAWAY and I'm so happy and having fun to read your comments!!
It's always so much fun to read comments especially from first visitor or quiet followers!

Take care and Thank you for your visit!!!
Happy Stitching.

Design : "Loving and Faithful" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 35ct Wichelt linen (Cream / Ivory)
Thread : Crescent Colours (silk / thread pack)


Nancy said...

Your exchange gift to Nina is so beautiful Yuko! You always do beautiful work and should not be stressed about it. She must be so happy that you made this for her. Did you cover the tin with fabric or does the tin have the flower print on it? I think it is fun that you exchanged spices too.

Your strawberries look very good. I hope sweetie enjoyed them!

Nina said...

Szia dear Yuko,

This exchange was absolutely fun and wonderful!
Wow! Yuko you made my day you know!
Your finishing is absolutely fantastic, I love every pieces what I got! :)
How can I say more? :)
Thank you SO much!!

It's super you have the same tin ;)

Tamás was really happy yesterday evening when he arrived home and saw the package... He was excited and wanted to see everything :)
He wnats to thank you for all spices, tomorrow he will be the chef and will make luch for us ;) I cannot wait to try the japanese spices :)
Thank you my friend!

Take care!


Анна - Зонт said...

Yuko! Your exchange gift is absolutly beautiful as usual :)))))

Vaida said...

It's a great gift! Nina is a lucky girl, your work is stunning!

Margaret said...

Yuko, you are amazing. What wonderful work! Nina is so lucky!

Lennu said...

Yuko, your exchange is absolutely stunning! You've done wonderful job with it :)

Andrea said...

Beautiful work Yuko, a very pretty piece.

Anonymous said...

ton échange de boites est une veritable merveille j'adore avec tous les accessoires, c'est ravissant !!
dans mon jardin il y a beaucoup de fraises aussi, j'ai fait des confitures
je ne sais pas si tu me comprend mais je te dis bravo pour ton blog et tes créations
bizou de France

Elisa said...

What a stunning gift Yuko, it is amazing, I am sure Nina was delighted to receive it. All your work is amazing, I know as I have one of your beautiful gifts which takes pride of place on my bedroom dressing table, I use it every day.

Dorothy said...

Yuko, your exchange gift is beautiful! Nina must have been thrilled.

Karoline said...

Nina's gift is lovely, congratulations

DonnaTN said...

I think your exchange is so lovely and sweet. You can be proud of it even if it has mistakes because it came from your heart.

grace said...

Your exchange gift is so beautiful! It's great that you have one for yourself too! :D

staci said...

I can't believe that you could be intimidated to finish anything for anyone! Your stitching and finishing is always so beautiful and creative, and this one is no exception!!! Congrats on a beautiful exchange!!!

Patti said...

Yuko you are such a great finisher - much much better than I am and this finish and stitching was just superb and I knew that Nina would just love it and she does. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Colleen said...

Can't imagine you making any mistakes! Your work is absolutely gorgeous!! Tell you what...the next time you make a mistake you can send it to me...I won't mind....LOL

jojo said...

wow!so qute,wonderful decorations.
There are many qute needle-goods in inside,too.
Iight blue is very fresh.
Nina-san will be so happy.
I feel your heart to Nina-san.

Frog is on my sholders mean "stiff neck"?Funny expression.
That frog may be a toad. w<+_+>w

Carol said...

Ooh, lucky Nina, your exchange gift is just gorgeous Yuko. How lovely that you have one for yourself too! :o)

angelasweby said...

Please don't ever worry about your stitching. It is superb :>) This piece is just beautiful and finished in your usual high standard. I love the soft gentle colours and that pretty floral fabric and ribbon are soft and gentle like a whisper. What a really lovely compliment to give a friend: Loving and faithful.
Warm wishes Angela

Solstitches said...

Wow Yuko! The exchange gift you stitched and finished for Nina is exquisite. It's so very pretty and I salute you for having the patience to do this not once but twice!
I'm lucky enough to have one of your stitched pieces here and have to say your finishing is just perfect.
Anyone would be thrilled to have something made by you.

Doris said...

Yuko, your work is inspiring,elegant, amazing. Your finish are so beautiful.

Marsha said...

Yuko, you can send me a mistake any time. Your work is beautiful. I love the ribbon and pearl work. It really sets it off the stitching nicely. Your pictures are always so pretty and show things in such a lovely way. You are talented in many ways.

Ингуля said...

Hi! Your works & blog is very very beautiful *)