Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Lavender Hill" For my cousin's Birthday!

Hi! Recently I haven't been able to surfing net like before, instead of it I have been stitching much more than before!

Now I'm working on Mary Wigham and some other WIPs.
The end of this month is my dear cousin Akiko's Birthday, and was going to stitch this design for her, but I wasn't in mood to stitch LHN nowadays, so I was going to give up to present her this year.

But, this year is an appreciation year (which I decided), so yesterday I decided to start again, and finished this last night!
The frame and mat was already bought, so what I had to do is just iron and frame it.

The last time I stitched this design
for my friend's Birthday, I choose different frame and pale green mat, though this time I choose lavender mat and very simple frame.

I think this frame is much better than the last one, simple is the best???
What do you think?
I will stitch this design three more times (lol), for my mum, another cousin, and for myself!
I have already bought frames and mats for this design, and mum's and mine are the same as the frame that I presented for my friend.
But I might change if this simple frame looks better than the last one!

Here is some close up photo of stitching and frame and mat.
I really like this design, so I'll never think it's tiring!
This design is so lovely and so I can't wait to hang it on the wall in my room!

I will stitch a bit and iron my WIPs and will show my progress of them.
Take care and thanks for your visit!
Happy stitching!

Design : "Lavender Hill" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Platinum)
Thread : DMC


Nina said...

Beautiful work! This sampler is so fine, looks great, I like these nice colors on it.
Perfect ;)

Natalija said...

I love these pastel colours. Good job!!!
Natalija (Italy)

Brigitte said...

Very beautiful work, Yuko. Congratulations.

Nancy said...

This is very pretty Yuko! I love the lavender mat with this sampler. I like the frame too, but I think both frames look good. Have a nice weekend!

Margaret said...

I like it! I can't remember how the other frame looked, but this one is really nice with the design.

Cindy said...

Beautiful finish! I really like how you framed it :)

Márti said...

Wow!! It's beautiful!!!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful, Yuko and your cousin will love it!

staci said...

A beautiful gift for you cousin!!!

Melissa said...

Beautiful, as usual, Yuko! It will make a lovely present. Glad to hear you are stitching more these days.

valerie said...

Beautiful finish! Your cousin will love the gift. I like the lavender mat the best.

Patti said...

Yuko, this is just lovely. I love the mat and frame too - it all works beautifully. it has been hot and muggy here and now we have thunder and lightening and huge drops of rain. Great for stitching but not so great for going out which we are soon to do. Love Patti xxx

Edit said...

This is so beautiful. I like very much the design, the colours and the frame you have chosen is absolutely great! Perfect present, your cousin is very lucky :)

Csicsóné-Melinda said...

Beautiful work!!

Karoline said...

It's gorgeous and the framing suits the design perfectly. Congratulations

Susan said...

Lavender Hill is lovely! I bet your cousin is thrilled!

Irene said...

Looks beautiful, your cousin will love it.

Cindy F. said...

Such soft colors and a sweet stitch!
Love your framed finish!

Sally said...

That is lovely Yuko.

Jenna said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You did a wonderful job with your framing and mat choice, as well. She'll love it.

CindyMae said...

Oh that looks just gorgeous! Great job!!

Cindy Mae
My Store opens July 1st

Carol R said...

Soft and delicate colours perfectly stitched! The frame and mount are a great choice.

Анна - Зонт said...

Beautiful work!