Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thank you so much, Dorothy!

A month ago, I've received a big parcel from Canada, it was from dear Dorothy who is a quilt designer.
Look, compare to my glasses, you will be able to imagine how big this parcel was!
She so generously sent me so many fabrics for cross stitch and hardanger that she doesn't use anymore, because of her neck problem.


I was so surprised to see inside, there were SO many fabrics and stitch bands, etc... oh my gosh!
There were also some printed Aida that I had never seen before!

Linen band with trim (see photo below) is so lovely, I should think a lot how to use this!!
I think handmade bag with this linen band would be so lovely, ohh I wish I could use sewing machine well...

Dorothy has told me, this was just a first try as she sent this by SAL, so it took about 1 month to get here, and she has told me there was another box to send me!!!
I was so touched by her generosity and kind heart, because she can send these fabrics to friends in Canada or US, so the shipping fee doesn't cost her so higher than she send them to me in Japan, but she thinks of me as a recipient to receive these fabrics.
How can I express my appreciation for Dorothy, if I could I wish to visit you in Canada and say Thank you in person!!

And yesterday, the second parcel has reached me safely!!!
It was as big as the first one, little boy was so thrilled to open the box with me (he loves postman!)!!

Look at these fabrics, there were so many beautiful fabrics in there!
Do I deserve these wonderful treat??? I am asking myself so many times...
Thank you SO much Dorothy for your kindness!

She also added many of lovely charms for cross stitch works! Thank you, Dorothy!
Here are some of her UFOs, she gave up cross stitch because of degenerative discs in my neck, so unfortunately these lovely designs have never been done.
I wish I could have more time, or more hands (lol) to finish them instead of her!

As I mentioned in the beginning, she is an artist, talented quilt designer!
If I could quilt, I will definitely buy the pattern from her and would like to make a tapestry of Santa!

There is a banner in the left hand side of my blog, click the banner or the links, you can visit her blog and also you can buy the wonderful pattern from her directly!

Thank you SO SO much Dorothy for your warm and generous heart.
I really appreciate for you from the bottom of my heart!


Thanks for stopping by,Take care and have a lovely day!


Nina said...

Dear Yuko,

You always make me smile! And your blog does too :)

What a wonderful stash!! These fabrics are beautiful!
1 month... uhh :( Air mail is a bit expensive but so fast ;) I'm glad you have both parcel safely! :)


angelasweby said...

Wow Yuko,
How fantastic to receive these two parcels from Dorothy. I never cease to be amazed at how many kind generous people there are in the world. I am not surprised your imagination is already working trying to think of all the wonderful things you can make and do. Dorothy could not have chosen a nicer person for this gift. What a great shame she is no longer able to stitch herself because of her neck. She must be in a lot of discomfort.
Well done on your award. Your blog is a ray of sunshine and makes a lot of people smile, I'm sure.
Hugs Angela

Rachel said...

What a lovely surprise! I can't wait to see how you use all those fabrics and linens!

Have a great day :)

Nancy said...

Wonderful parcels that you received from Dorothy! You will have a lot of fun deciding what to stitch on these, won't you Yuko? I look forward to seeing how you will use the linen band. Enjoy, and yes, you do deserve these parcels!

Cathy B said...

How kind of Dorothy to send all of this to you! Enjoy stitching with your new stash!

Dovilė said...

Hi Yuko, thanks to you for your frienship:)
I love your stitching and blog tooo:)
these fabrics just are amazing!

Theresa said...

Wow!!!!How wonderful!!!!!!!
Dorothy is such a generous person!!!

Carmen said...

so beautiful fabric! all beautiful,congratulation Yuko :D
have a good ans happy week.

Solstitches said...

Wow Yuko! It must have seemed like Christmas at your house when you opened the boxes from Dorothy.
What a fabulous gift to receive and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.
I'm so looking forward to seeing some of the things you will make from your new stash.

Carol R said...

What a kind and generous person Dorothy must be to send two fabulous gifts to you! I have stitched the pattern with the stitching lady over the alphabet too and also the companion pattern of the quilting lady.

You more than deserve the blog Award Yuko!

[[[Hugs to you and Sweetie]]]

Judit said...

Dear Yuko,
What nice parcels and wonderful fabrics!!!
They are fantastic!
I'm for the first time in you blog, but I love it! Your blog is very nice and so your work too.
Please, visit to my blog.
Hugs: Judit from Hungary

CindyMae said...

WOW, Dorothy is a super kind person!! What awesome mail you have received from her. You should have plenty to last while!! Congrats on the award!!!

Judit said...

Dear Yuko,
Thank you for your visiting to my blog!
Have a nice day and happy stiches!
Hugs: Judit

Maren said...

Wow, look at all that wonderful cloth! Talk about a generous and amazing gift!

Congratulations on your blog award. It's well deserved! :)

Judit said...

Dear Yuko, would you like to collect the award friendship off my blog, you can then pass it on to 6 of your friends.
Hugs Judit from Hungary

Hazel said...

What an amazing couple of parcels! Thank you for the link to Dorothy's blog. I am off to check it out. xx