Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi! It's been a long time since the last time I posted, I was in stitching slump and also didn't open my lap top much these last few weeks, somehow...
So sorry for friends that I haven't been able to reply you, haven't been leaving you comments, etc...

By the way, today is my Birthday, I turned 35!!
If 35 rounded off, it becomes 40!!! Ghhh

Time flies so fast!!

As I may have mentioned before that I (we) don't like whipped cream much, so we bought roll cake as my Birthday cake, and added chocolate plate and 3 + 5 candles!! :D
The cake was so yum, Sweetie liked it so much. Actually Sweetie blew candles, he sung a Birthday song for me, but he misunderstood that his birthday came again (lol)

As President Obama said to avoid piggie flu, sing "Happy Birthday" song twice, so we are doing it, so he loves Happy Birthday song.

Yesterday, my dear friend Nanako-san sent me SPECIAL birthday present for me!!!
Look at this, she stitched and made it into a cartonnage box!!! How gorgeous!
Can you imagine that this stunning box which was made by your best friend is placed just beside you? Romantic, isn't it?

And also she added so many ribbons and so many beautiful clothes inside!
How generous she is. Nanako-san and I've met online and haven't met IRL yet, though we both really want to meet up someday in our life!

I was so touched by Nanako-san's work, and her generosity and kind heart, so I gave surprise call to her tonight! We enjoyed talking so much!

Thank you SO SO much again, Nanako-san.

Here is another present from my dear friend S-chan. She stitched BBD's design and made it into a lovely pouch!

How lovely and beautiful this is!

Her works are always perfect and so beautiful!

Isn't this lovely?! She also added so many goodies for me, I loved everything she sent me!
Thank you SO much S-chan!!

Let's meet up again someday in the near future!

One more Birthday Present is from Mum, this lovely shoes!
I loved the last pair of this shoes (different colour), though they were shapeless very much as I liked and walked so much, so Mum presented me new pair!
They are so comfy and so soft, from Koos.
Thanks, Mum!!

Last but not least, thank you SO much for everyone who sent me Birthday wishes by e-mails, through e-cards, messages, etc...
I really appreciate for your kindness from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks for your visit and Happy Stitching!
Take care!


angelasweby said...

Happy birthday my lovely friend, I have been thinking about you because it was Rula's birthday yesterday and it's her name day today :>)
I hope you are having the loveliest of days enjoying your celebrations with your family and Sweetie :>)
What beautiful presents you have received. The cartonnage box is stunning and what exciting things inside too. I love the pretty little BD pouch from S-chan. Nice colour..haha!
Give Tass a big hug and kiss his arm better. I hope he didn't hurt himself too much :>)
Hugs Angela

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday then, Yuko.
My children used to love my birthday, actually reliving theirs and demanding a cake in order to blwo the candles themselves !

Terri said...

Happy Birthday. What lovely gifts you have received. I'm glad you had a great birthday.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday! Best wishes :)

Nancy said...

I have been thinking of you all day on your special day Yuko - Happy Birthday! You received such lovely presents from you friends. They really are beautiful. I hope Sweetie's arm is all better!

Pike said...

Happy birthday, Yuko!

zirzyle said...

Happy Birthday, Yuko! :*

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Yuko!!

You have received some wonderful presents.

Anna van Schurman said...

Thirty-five is a looooong way from 40, trust me! Enjoy those intervening years.

Happy birthday, Yuko.

Margaret said...

Happy birthday! Great presents!

Carol R said...

Happy birthday Yuko. Beautiful gifts from Nanako-san and S-chan and great shoes from mum!

zigzago said...

Hi, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hugs, Renata.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday, Yuko~~~~~~
How wonderful you received so many wonderful gifts!!!!!

Susimac said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend, What a wonderful array og gifts you have received, I love your box its beautiful. What a great idea for the BBD ppiece that your friend has made for you I love the pouch.

Your shoes look sooo comfy and I loved the videa of dear little sweetie


Mãe da Rita said...

Happy Birthday, Yuko, I hope you had a lovely day. The gifts are wonderful. You know, it's my marriage anniversary, we complete 6 years. Hugs, lots of hugs. MJ

Salomé said...

Happy Boirthday Yuko, lovely gifts!!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Yuko!

You received such wonderful gifts :)

Cindy F. said...

Happy Birthday Yuko, from Texas, USA!! You've received some wonderful presents!! I wish you many more happy days ahead!

Susana de Argentina said...

Dear Yuko!! happy birthday!!! but...4o are very far! you don´t think it!! kisses from Argentina!! litle friend!!

Concha said...

Happy Birthday Yuko, I wish you many Joys!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Yuko! 35 is very far from 40. Enjoy each moment!

Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday Yuko ! Wish you lots of love and fun on your special day :)

Adriana Ortiz said...

Happy Birthday Yuko !!!
I wish the BEST for you.

Hug and kisses from Canada.

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Happy birthday, Yuko! What beautiful gifts you received - I especially loved the shoes from your mother - they are adorable!

hohla said...

Happy Birthday Yuko!!!

CindyMae said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! You received some wonderful gifts!!

Mayumi said...

Happy Birthday, Yuko!!!!!!



Nina said...

Dearest Yuko,

I wish you a very happy birthday and all the best!! You got wonderful gifts!

Big hugs,

Cindy said...

Wishing a Happy Birthday, Yuko :)
Many happy returns for the year ahead. Be happy and healthy always.
Enjoy your gifts.

Rowyn said...

Happy birthday Yuko! You have some very lovely presents.

I chuckled at your video of your sweetie, it is funny :-)

flom said...

Joyeux Anniversaire !!!!!!!!
Happy birthday !!!
Your gifts 're so lovely !!!!

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns on your birthday! My daughter's birthday was September 11th so you two are close in birthdays! She wanted books of jokes for her birthday so we found some funny ones for her. Now we have to listen to jokes all the time! It keeps us laughing though!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, dear Yuko! I hope you had a WONDERFUL day!

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday Yuko :) What wonderful gifts, especially that cartonage box - it is gorgeous!!!

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday Yuko. I hope you had a wonderful day. If you are feeling old, imagine how your Mother is feeling! lol Your presents are wonderful. especially the lovely box.

Rachel said...

Yuko, Happy Birthday! You are lucky to have such wonderful friends! I know you will cherish their gifts always.

That chocolate roll-cake looks yummy ;)

I hope you enjoyed your day!

Dovilė said...

Happy Birthday dear Yuko:)

Judit said...

Happy birthday, Yuko.
Hugs: Judit

Petites xxx et Cie said...

avec quelques jours de retard... Joyeux Anniversaire.

Unknown said...

Happy belated Birthday! I'm 35 too, and that is the very best age to be this year! ;)

boci said...

Happy birthday Yuko! And do not count the years, it does not matter how old you are if you are still young in your heart :) And never round years :)

Carmen said...

congratulations for all the beautiful birthday gifts!.