Monday, November 30, 2009

[Edited] "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765" by The Sampler Girl

[Edited : 04/Dec/2009]
Hi, I posted this earlier, though the photos were not good to see, so I took some photos in the house today.
I hope they are able to see well than before!
Sorry, I didn't change the sentenses that I wrote earlier, so the photos and sentenses will not correspond with...

Hi, today I finally framed the finished piece that I had finished stitching before Sweetie had been hospitalized.
I had been wanted to finish this more earlier, but lazy me, I didn't do it at all and forgot about it.
But mum tidied up around the table today and found this finished piece and she said "This is very lovely, why don't you finish this??", so I did finished as I'm feeling fine as also the weather is very fine!
This is one of finished pieces of The Sampler Girl "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765".
Once again I wanted to finish like a sample photo of this chart, and here it is!

Sorry, the shadow of geranium is reflected on the glass, so a bit hard to see the stitched piece.
It's hard to take a pictures in this mum's house, because rooms are very dark, so I took them along the edge of a house facing the garden.

Here is a close up photo, I should have taken photos without glass...

Here are some photos that I took today!

I added lovely autumnal fabric (this chart is named "Spring Sampler", though...) beside the stitched piece and also added dark brown rick rack tape on the seam.
And I choose very simple wooden frame for this!

Recently it's been hassle to take photos also blogging somehow, maybe because Sweetie is not completely fine? (Now he has cold and he still have slight fever...)
But today I took photos and it made me motivate to do more like before!
I have some un-posted articles that I want to share with you, so will post them when I have own time!

P.S. Sweetie Tass soon found this finished piece after he came home from Preschool!
And he said, "Mummy this is very lovely, I like this!" Oh Sweetie, you are the best!! :D

Take care and thank you always for your visit!

Bye for now,

Design : "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765" © The Sampler Girl
Fabric : 32ct Lambswol
Thread : DMC


valerie said...

Beautiful sampler Yuko! I love the framing with the rickrack and fabric. I'm very glad to hear that "Sweetie" is feeling better and back to school.

Nina said...

Szia Yuko,

This is a very beautiful smapler, and the way you have framed is a brilliant idea!

I hope you are OK, and Sweetie too!

Big hugs,

Berit said...

This is very lovely indeed; I like the autumn fabrics you have chosen, the "Spring" title doesn't mean anything! The initial capital letter of "Dear" is so elegant. :D

I'm glad to hear that sweetie's doing well enough to go to kindergarten; hopefully he'll be completely better soon.

Margaret said...

Beautifully done as usual. You always finish things so beautifully. I hope Sweetie is doing better, poor thing. And you as well.

CindyMae said...

It looks simply gorgeous! Wonderful job!

Nancy said...

This is beautiful Yuko! Your stitches are as lovely as always, and I love your fabric and ric rac. Very nice!

I hope Sweetie continues to feel better! Take care of both of you.

Dovilė said...

Nice work:) Beautiful sampler Yuko:)

Marjorie said...

I love your finishing & this sampler is very beautiful. I hope your son recovers completely soon!

Carol R said...

A beautiful finish Yuko and I love your finish!
Hugs to you and Sweetie!

angelasweby said...

Yuko, this is beautiful. I love the simple diary words but you have made it extra special with your clever finishing idea. Lucky your mum found it :>)
Poor Tass, he really is having a difficult time. He was probably still weak and caught the cold straight after his long stay in hospital.
I hope he feels better soon and then you can relax too.
Thinking of you both.
Hugs angela

Dorothy said...

Beautiful work, Yuko, and your finishing really sets off the design.
I hope your little boy will be feeling much better soon, and you can start to relax!

yskmtmr said...


Karoline said...

It's lovely Yuko, congratulations

Tanya said...

Beautul - I loved how you finished it :)


Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Yuko, Happy New Year! I am catching up on your recent posts. I love your stitching and finishing on this pretty -- well done!!