Wednesday, December 02, 2009

WIP - Black And White

Hi, today I share two of my present WIPs with you.
One is WIP - "Black", CHS's Alphabet Sampler that I wanted to stitch one day for Sweetie Tass.
He is learning ABCs by himselves, so while he was in the hospital I decided to start this for him!

How he learns ABCs is very unusual, guess how?
"A" is for Audi, "B" is for BMW, "H" is for Honda, "M" is for Mazda, "N" is for Nissan, "S" is for Suzuki, "T" is for Toyota, "V" is Volks Wagen, etc... LOL!!
Everything is relating with car makers!
Moreover, learning from car name, like "M" is for Mini (Auntie Carol, don't worry! he never forgets your car!!), etc...

And also why I started this is while he was in the hospital, I wanted to ask my mum to bring something to stitch. But I couldn't tell where they are properly, but luckily I just remembered where this chart and Witchelt 35ct Lambswool are in my stash, and so she wouldn't need to look for many colour of threads if I do this, she just need to found #310, so this was very nice to start!

The last square where add stitchers full name, I stitched Yuko for Tass instead.
And another square to add year, I just stitched 20.., so I can finish this whenever in the near future!
I hope I can finish this before he goes to elementary school.

And another WIP - "White" is here AMAP's "NOEL Blanc".
I remember that I bought this chart when I started cross stitch, it was the first sight love, though there was no chance to stitch until now.
I remember that it was very hard to buy from French shop!
But this year I really wanted to stitch and finish this.

But the choice of fabric was very hard, I was going to stitch on 40ct Flax linen, but there are some one over one part, so I should have chosen another linen.
And I found this very beautiful grayish-purple linen that my friend Domy in France gave me.
This is 28ct and I realised it's at the very limit of margin, though I fell in love with this colour combination, so I hope it will go well at the end when I go for framing!

There are so many borders left that I hate, and there are some other Christmas designs that I want to stitch, so I should stitch and finish this quickly and want to stitch at least one more!

Thank you for your visit.
Take care!

[Black - first one]
Design : Alphabet Sampler © Carriage House Samplings
Fabric : 35ct Lambswool
Thread : DMC

[White - second one]
Design : NOEL Blanc © A Mon Ami Pierre
Fabric : Unknown
Thread : DMC


Nancy said...

Both of your WIPs are lovely Yuko! I like the linen for your white WIP, and Tass will treasure his black WIP! I hope he continues to feel better.

Berit said...

I love seeing these because I have been wishing to make CHS Alphabet (well, at least the C for Cat block) for a while now! I was amazed that you had been able to do all that black, but now I understand because it was easy for your mother to bring it to you when she only needs to find the 310!

Very beautiful on the second design; that linen is gorgeous, I understand why you are using it even though the margin is small.

lenna said...

I do like your alphabet sampler it's just black 310 and your ornament is just white.
Hope the young one gets better real soon.
Great job of stitching on both of them but then you do such nice work.
Take care and God Bless ~

Nina said...

Both of your stitchings are so beautiful and elegant and very lovely! This Alphabet is so giant, but I'm sure will be finished in time :)
The white one is fabulous design!


Carol R said...

Black and white - both beautiful samplers! Tell Tass M is for Mini - black mini? LOL
Noel Blanc is very beautiful - I love the splash of colour on the pattern!

Cari said...

Yuko, your work is just lovely! I love how you have personalized your alphabet to make it your own!

Margaret said...

I love your WIPs! They're both wonderful! I like how you stitched "Yuko for Tass." He will treasure that piece.

Vaida said...

I love both your WIPs! The alphabet will for sure be a tresure for your little son! And the Noel Blanc will be a feast for eyes every Christmas :)

Lenocka said...

Yuko, both your current projects are very lovely. I love the color combination.
I hope Tass gets better soon. I love the way he learns the alphabet, it's very sweet :)
Check my site, I have a little surprise for you there.
Take care,

angelasweby said...

Both your WIP are beautiful. What a nice contrast they make. The CHS alphabet is perfect for Tass at his age. He will find so many interesting things to look at on it. Please tell him that Auntie Angela has a Honda and loves it very much. Even my sewing machine is a Toyota. It's 35 years old and still works perfectly :>) Your choice of fabrics is excellent. i love the 35 count lambswool.
Hugs Angela

Doris said...

beautiful stitching Yuko,the ABC with name of cars is so bright,i like it!.

Theresa said...

Beautiful WIPs~~~~ It is starting to feel lik Christmas~

Meadows08 said...

Your stitching is beautiful!

I LOVE the White Christmas piece, it is lovely.

yskmtmr said...


Evik said...


your WIPs are really beautiful!
ABC - this is a great idea for Tass. I like it! :)
I would to do something similar for my baby ... in the future ;)


Rachel said...

Yuko, your alphabet design is lovely. It's cute how Tass is learning his alphabet with car manufacturers!

The white French sampler is gorgeous. I love the fabric choice for that design.

I'm glad that Tass is doing better. Have a great holiday season :)

Dovilė said...

I love your new WIP's:) I enjoy the Christmas Sampler, I just finished this "Noel Blanc":) enjoy you too:)

Varla said...

Hi! I'm Varla from Italy. Want u to say your english is better than mine! And I enjoyed very much to see your beatiful blog and all the precious tresours that you made. Your child is so cute!!! So I'm following from my if you want to visit my little virtual house, you're very welcome! Hugs and greetings, Varla Lee R.

Cindy said...

Your WIPS are fabulous! It is so awesome that you are stitching that alphabet piece for Tass...I'm sure he will treasure it always :)

Magia da Inês said...

Olá, amiga!
Voltei porque fiquei com saudade do seu cantinho...
Uma ótima semana!
Beijinhos carinhosos.
Itabira - Brasil

Vinsareva said...

Superbe ouvrage! Bravo.



波 said...


Evik said...

Yuko, please, when you have time, visit my blog ... I have a little something for you ;)