Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cards, Presents from Friends!

Hi, how are you?
Since Sweetie has got Swine Flu, I was with him always, so I thought next tum must be me, but I didn't catch it, but my mum...
But we went to see a doctor to check, he gave us Tamiflu just to make sure, so we are feeling safe!
But poor Sweetie Tass, he couldn't be on the Christmas show in Preschool, me neither, I practiced mama's dance though we couldn't go on the show... shame...
By the way, the last week was a surprise week, I received some Christmas gifts, cards, etc...
I was so happy during the week! :D
Here is from my Japanese friend, she always care about friends and make beautiful things for them.
Luckily I was one of recipient, she presented me very beautiful Christmas ornament!
Isn't this lovely?!

The back of ornament, she stitched rein deer and 2009, this must be one of my treasure and keepsake!
She also added sweets and teas in the box which is wrapped with pink tissue paper.
Thank you so much, Friend S.!

Here is from Caro in France. Caro and I were talking about private exchange, though I was very busy about Sweeties health problem and also mine, and Caro also was very busy, so we decided to postponing until we will be able to have much own free time.
She kindly sent me rabbit greeting card as she knows that I love rabbit, and also pink memo pad and antique buttons from France!
Thank you so much, Caro for your kindness!
Let's decide when we will do exchange, later.
Here is a Christmas card from Su in the UK!
Su always send me cards, presents, etc... I'm so honored that I'm one of her friend as she is my heroine!
Thank you so much Su for your warm heart always!

I will share some photos of beautiful Birthday Present from Carol R. later!

Bye for now,

Thanks for your visit!


Nina said...

Dear Yuko,

Wish you a Merry Christmas with your family, have fun and joy and happy holidays!

I hope you are okay and Sweetie is okay too! Think about you...


Vinniey said...

Hi Yuko, hope Sweetie and your mum will fully recover soon. All your gifts from friends are beautiful. I wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy new year! :)

Margaret said...

I'm glad you haven't gotten sick, but I'm sorry to hear your mom did. :( Hope your Sweetie is feeling better soon, and your mom too. Lovely gifts and cards from your friends. Have a lovely Christmas!

Berit said...

Very nice to hear about your pretty gifts! I hope sweetie and mom are all well in time for the New Year!

Lillie said...

Dear Yuko, So sorry to read about your sweetie and mom, hope both will recover quickly and in time for a wonderful Christmas.

Susimac said...

I hope that you have a lovely Christmas Yuko and that little Tass and yor mum are feeling better soon, I had my Tamiflu jab the other day too.

Hugs Su xx

Anonymous said...

I hope your health problems are soon behind... May you have a serene end of the year.

yskmtmr said...


Andrea said...

Hoping you all have a very Merry Christmas and that 2010 will be a healthier year.

Caro said...

Poor little Tass...