Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birds Of Killingworth 4 + Origami

Hi, it's been long time!
I have been OK and have been very busy lately, so not much time to stitch...
But here it is, a photo of my progress of "Birds of Killingworth" © The Stitching Parlor.
A gentleman and a woman appeared.
There are so many 1/4 stitch, so my eyes were tired by stitching them.

Why was I busy?
My sweetie becomes an elementary schoolchild from this coming April (most of schools start from April in Japan...), and so he wanted to make something for his loved classmates at his Preschool.
And he started to make something by Origami paper.

First of all, he started to make "Top" for top-spinning, but it takes so much time to make one, so I suggested him to make "Owl" for them as it's a symbol of happiness in Japan!
And he folded so many owls for his classmates and teachers.

His job was just to fold papers as shape of owl, and after that I added their eyes and perches, and also their name cards!
We went out to the shrine nearby to gather perches together on a sunny day, it was fun to play with him under the sunshine! :D

A few days before of his final day of Preschool, he took them to Preschool and his teacher called everyone for him to hand over to each one!
I heard that everyone was so happy and as well as my sweetie!
I'm so happy to know that he grew up kindly and has feeling to think about everyone!

Actually his ceremony for children finishing Preschool was held a day before yesterday.
It was a fantastic day for us and will never forget about it.
Will write about the ceremony and my dearest son later, and also about my stitching project!

Take care and have a lovely week ahead!
Thanks for your visit and your comments, I always appreciate for them!
Bye for now,


Melissa said...

So lovely to see your post, Yuko! Your "Birds" stitch is coming along beautifully. You chose very nice colours to use!

Oh, origami! I remember doing a bunch for the baby's room before my boy was born. Here you have made lots & they are such cute owls!

Veronica said...

Happy to hear from you again, Yuko. Lovely stitching. Love those origami owls. So cute!


Jennifer said...

So glad you're back! I've been missing your beautiful photos. Those owls are simply beautiful. What a labor of love from your generous little boy. He has a very good heart. (He gets it from his mom)

Anne said...

Very happy you are back!! Such a pretty design!! Love the origami!! What a kind and loving boy you have :D

Sally said...

It's wonderful to see you posting Yuko! Your stitching is beautiful.

I love the origami owls! They are so sweet.

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

You are making great progress on your birds of Killingworth piece, Yuko.

Love the origami owls! How sweet of Tass!

Laura said...

Hello! I love the origami owls. Where can I find the pattern for them?