Thursday, March 22, 2012

A forgotten Post of 3 Years ago! - Ladybug -

Now I want to change my blog template, because I'm using classic mode coding HTML, and it's so troublesome...
But I don't know how to do yet, if you know nice blog templates, please let me know!
I like simple one which can customise!

By the way, when I was setting my blog again, I found a forgotten post of 3 years ago.
Sweetie is so lovely little boy, at then he just became 4 years old! :D
Here it is... 21/May/2009's post.


Sweetie found a ladybug just outside of our house, and he wanted to catch him, but couldn't...

As you may already know that I HATE bugs and incects, BUT!!!
Mums are tough!
Again, I caught him for Sweetie! It's a miracle!! (lol)

  Actually in the city, we didn't see much bugs or incects, so Sweetie also didn't like bugs, but since we came back to my home town, he got used to touch them and recently he wants to catch bugs! (only a little one, though!)


It's so good experience for boys, so I'm very happy that he is interest in them!
In the summer, we can catch so many cicadas at the nearest shirine!
My cousin will come over here with her kids, and also my brother's kids will come, too, so we all will be able to go and visit there to catch them!

Since we came here, Sweetie became very active boy, it's so happy for me to see him getting be a real boy.
Just in front of our real home in the city, there is horrible slope, so we can't ride bicycle, so my mum (his grandma) bought him a bicycle while he is here in country side, so he can train and will be able to ride it by himself.

I can't believe, that sweetie is smiling as he let ladybuy running around his face!
I was a bit worried if the ladybug came into his nostril, lol!

Now he is keeping the ladybuy in an insect cage.
He gives him water, etc... and every morning he checks him if he still alive or not, and if he still alive, he tells me with smile "Mummy, he is still alive!!" :D

How miracle I catched bugs, but I'm quite happy that I could!
But not big one, please... yuk!

Take care and have a lovely day!


Susan said...

What an adorable reminder of your sweetie when he was a much younger sweetie!

Jennifer said...

What lovely, lovely photos!!! I agree with Susan - it is an adorable reminder of your "little" Sweetie!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What gorgeous pictures of your sweet boy!

Carol R said...

Lovely pictures of a beautiful little boy! xx

Pilar said...

Lovely photos Yuko.
A big hug for you,for your mother and for Tass

Berit said...

Already time for grade school now!! :o I am amazed by how fast time passes; in my mind he is still a very young child about whom you tell "mommy-and-me" type stories.

First Grade! Did you buy the sturdy black backpack for grade-schoolers for him I think it is called "randoseru"? (Do children even still use those?) How about a desk for home study? You must be SO proud!