Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Exampler Dames Quaker Series "LOVE" 2

Hi, it's been so long time! How have you been doing all?
I was quite busy for PTA works and also had (?), no, have been having hard time because Tass is at a difficult age...
Almost every day he takes a defiant attitude toward to me, I think he has stress as his life has completely changed as entering an elementary school since April (most of Japanese schools start from April).
They have fifth period everyday (he comes back home at 3 o'clock), and he has quite a lot of homework every day, so he looks a bit tired recently (he wakes up at 6 o'clock).
I am quite tired of his attitude lately, but c'est la vie...
Hope he will be normal pure Tass soon again!


That's why I lost motivate to stitch nowadays, and so this "LOVE" is moving very slowly, although this is a gift for my mum's friend...
She (mum's friend) knows that I'm stitching for her, and also knows that I'm tired. ;p


The day that I took these photos of my progress, I went out to see a doctor and also for shopping and found this lovely small bouquet at small flower shop.
When I saw this orange colour, I thought about Tass as he loves orange, and  so brought back home to present him.

He looked very happy to receive orange bouquet, and then said "Can I keep this flower forever, like "Preserved flower"?" :D
Sorry Tass, we can't preserve this, actually they've gone already, but you aren't realised at all (lol).

One fine Sunday, we went to a large field to play (actually I was stitching like above photo, lol), and Tass took this photo of me stitching!
I took many of beautiful flowers' photos and also Tass, so will update how we spent on this day.

Finally today I can figure out how much it will take time to finish this sampler, if I work hard, I think I can finish this in a few days!!
I already ordered and received the frame for this sampler, so just I should work hard!!

By the way, do you always rinse your finished pieces??

P.S. To Amy from Oklahoma,
Those green beads on photos of the last post are Christmas ornaments, it's almost summer but I love them so always hunging on my wire tree! :D

Take care and have a lovely week ahead!
Thanks for your visit and thank you for your lovely comments!


butterfly said...

Your quaker stitching is looking beautiful, hugs.

mayumi said...
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mayumi said...

小学生になると今までと生活が ガラリと変わるし


Nina said...

Yuko, this is a very beautiful design and work!! Can't wait to see finished :))

fanny b. said...

Très joli ouvrage et bon courage !

Nancy said...

I am sorry that you and Tass are having stressful times. I hope things will be better for you soon!

Yuko your sampler is looking beautiful! Take your time, and make sure you don't get more stress trying to finish quickly.

The flowers are just beautiful!

Jennifer said...

I think it's wonderful that even though Tass is being a bit of a brat, you still bring surprises home for him. I think kids need to know you still love and care for them even when they are being brats.

Your stitching is lovely as always, and I am glad you included the photo Tass took of you stitching. It's very sweet!

Jennifer said...

I wash some of my stitching, but usually not when I work with overdyed threads or fabrics. Instead, I take care to wash my hands carefully before I start stitching. When I do wash, I have a separate basin I use only for washing needlework and I use a very mild liquid soap like Ivory.

Melissa said...

Hi Yuko! I'm sorry Tass is having a tough time (and you too) adjusting to the change in school. Now it sounds like it's way more work than play and that might be a shock to him! I hope things will smooth out soon!

You're moving along nicely with "Love". Sometimes stitching will go way slower than we want! Just a few stitches each day might work. Now I have to remember to take my own advice!

Veronica said...

Lovely photos, Yuko. The sampler WiP is beautiful. Very pretty colours. Hope Tass would be back to his normal sweet self again soon.


Susan @ Afford Your Passions said...

{{{hugs}}} Yuko - I'm sorry that Tass is going through a difficult age. I hope things improve with him.

Your sampler is beautiful, and those flowers are lovely.

Tass took a great shot of you!

Have a wonderful day!

Toffe said...

Can't wait to see finished :))
It's a lovely stitch.

Vaida said...

That's a lovely WIP! So nice colours...

Doris Campos said...

oh lovely quaker sampler!!,
i hope Tass feel more relax, change degree an school is hard time for the kids.
i hope you have a great time.

Karoline said...

It's looking gorgeous

I hope Tass settles at school soon