Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LHN "The Old West" Framed!!

Hi, thank you for your lovely words for my English problem on the last post.
Your words are so kind and warm, thanks a lot , I will keep up to write in English and a few lines of my own language.

Since I finished and framed Quaker "Love", I think I'm in stitching mood now!!
My mum's friend was so pleased to receive the sampler that I've stitched, and then so I was very happy to hear from her on the phone how she loves it!

先日、母のお友達に完成したQuaker "LOVE" を無事プレゼントすることが出来ました。とても喜んで頂けて、ホッとしています。

And here is a framed piece "The Old West" © Little House Needleworks!
The frame is a ready made one, and I ordered mat for this.
Why I choose Orange mat is what this is for my dearest son Tass and he loves "Orange", that's why!

息子の部屋に、と刺した "The Old West" © Little House Needleworks もようやく額へ・・・

He loves "Toy Story" and so he said this is like "Woody's world". :D
He loves this sampler and now this is hung on the wall in his room!

The guitar is his own, he learnt guitar when he was 4 years old, but he was so bored and sleepy at lesson, he quit it.
He was thinking he can soon play like a guitarlist, lol
Recently he wants to learn guitar again, though I wish him to play the piano. :D


Anyway, here the frame and mat colour don't show justice their original colour, I don't like to take photos in the room, can't take well at all.
So the frame colour is more lighter than this photo and kind of wine red and also the linen colour is more rich and darker, this might be a little bit closer than these photos, here the link of my finished piece (


By the way, isn't this sand art lovely?!
Actually this was maden by Tass my son (when he was 6 years old).
He loves to create something, and he really wanted to try this sand art.
I thought he won't be able to do it well, though he did quite well as his age! (Of course the artist's arts are more and more beautiful and just gorgeous!!)
I will update some snaps of his and art sometime later!


Take care and have a lovely week ahead!
I'm going to tidy up my messy room to change for the stitching room, and also have to find out the chart for the private SAL that Nancy and I are going to do! :(
Until then, I've been stitching "Bo Peep" © La-D-Da.

Thanks for your visit and comments!!
Bye for now,

Design : "The Old West" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 32ct Vintage Light Exampler from Lakeside Linens
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Claudette497 said...

What a fun finish!

Jennifer said...

The orange is very nice - such a bright, fun color and perfect for a little boy!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Wonderful finish, Yuko and I know Tass Loves it, especially with the Toy Story theme in his room!

Nancy said...

Old West looks wonderful Yuko. I think the orange mat makes it very cheerful! I am sure Tass must love having this in his room.

I haven't pulled fabric or threads yet for our SAL, but I do have the chart. Take your time, and enjoy Bo Peep!

Nurdan said...

The Quicker Love looks so very beautiful!!! Congratulations

I like the sand and colors very much!

Jessica said...

What a wonderful work! I like all the CCN designs and I'm thinking to order this chart for mi kids room. The orange color in the frame gives it a lot of fun

By te way, english is not my native language too.

Happy stitches :)

pat said...

very very good embroidery !

Tatkis said...

Wonderful finish for your sampler!
I'm glad to hear about your stitching mood :)


Rachel said...

Great job on all the framing ;) Tass' sand art is lovely!

Can't wait to see what you're up to next!

Wendy said...

Congratulations on your recent finishes. They are beautiful and you have chosen wonderful frames for them both. I'm sure Tass loves having his mother's beautiful stitching decorate his bedroom.

merumo said...


Susan said...

Your finish is lovely, Yuko! The frame is beautiful.

I love Tass' sand art - the little flamingo is adorable!

Doris Campos said...

the finish is beautiful!!, lovely frame.