Sunday, August 05, 2012

Happy Dance! La-D-Da "Bo Peep" Finished

Hello, how is your summer holiday?
I have been busy to play with Tass my son, and also have been looking for his lots of homework.
In Japan, recently we have terrible sweltering hot weather everyday, we are like boiled...

子供の頃は、30°C というと驚いていた記憶がありますが、ここ毎日35°C が当たり前で・・・
県北部では毎日の様に 37.5°C と、高温注意報。37.5°C なんて学校を休ませようかどうか?と迷う体温と同じですよね。

By the way, "Be Poop" © La-D-Da has finished tonight!
I'm so happy that I finally could finish this!! :D
I was thinking this would be more subdued colours from seeing others' finished pieces, but it wasn't, quite lovely.
Does it depend on colour of linen I choose?

今夜やっと、"Be Poop" © La-D-Da が完成しました!

After I finished leaves I dislike to stitch, I could go forward in nice feeling, berries are so lovely and also birds!

Above photo is looking messy, because I ironed tight...
Recently I have been remodelling a room where we hadn't been using into my stitching room, and I was going to hung this on my room, though as this was quite lovely than I thought, I think I will give this to mum. :D


Are you watching Olympic games??
I do like to watch sport games, so I'm so excited by them everyday!!
I remember that four years ago, I could watch them even in the midnight, but not this year, I'm so sleepy and tired, I can't watch most of games on live, sigh...


Design : "Bo Peep" © La-D-Da
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen
Thread : DMC


merumo said...

La D Daの濃い感じが好きですが、こうも暑いとちょっぴり涼しげなYukoさんのバージョンが魅力的ですね。

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! Your Bo Peep sampler is very beautiful! I love the colors, and your stitching looks so perfect. I am sure your mum will be pleased to receive this!

I have watched some of the Olympics but not as much as I would like to. So many talented athletes!

Anonymous said...


Your finish is beautiful!
I have been watching the Olympics and enjoying is very much.

Carol R said...

Beautiful finish Yuko! xx

samplerlover said...

This is really beautiful Yuko

Chris said...

beautiful finish! I love the tree with the red apples.
I hope that you get some cooler weather soon.

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Congratulations on your finish, Yuko - it's gorgeous!

Linda said...

I love your Bo Peep Sampler Yuko! You did a lovely job and your linen is perfect for it... I loved your sampler so much that I just went and ordered it for me to do too!

Linda in Virginia

Vaida said...

Congrats on a really amazing finish, it looks gorgeous!

cerato said...

Beautiful work, Yuko
Hugs from Barcelona

Tatkis said...

Such a beautiful, sweet finish!


Unknown said...

beautiful stitching!!