Monday, July 30, 2012

Magnifying Glass

Hi, it's been long time!
I have been busy with my son as it's a summer holiday and he is always be here.
Lots of homework, projects he has to do, and I have to look after what he is doing as he is still a little boy.

A week ago, we went to Zoo and he drew animals! And next day I was on duty for kids' swimming pool at school. I think I was under the direct rays of the sun for two days, now I have herpes virus on the upper jaw, and it's terrible and today I was at hospital for 5 hours, whew, tiring!!

By the way, I thought it's about time to try to stitch over 32ct again, and tried to stitch on 36ct.
I had bought a magnifying glass before, so tried to use it for 36ct, but it was hard for my eyes yet...

Tried to stitch Carol R.'s Mystery SAL that I was stitching before...
I'm sorry but yet I can't stitch over 32ct...

It's quite hard to adjust eyes for Glass, isn't it?!
I will try to use this and want to stitch on 40ct as I have many of sampler chart and also 40ct linens!

Will update Mermaid SAL that Nancy and I are going to start!

Take care and have lovely summer holiday!

Bye for now,


Toffe said...

Be careful with your herpes!!!
I wear glasses!
I'm not used to the magnifying glass :(

Ellen said...

Hopefully it will just take you a while to get use to using a magnifier. I have a big one, and it's wonderful. Maybe it would be easier on you if you have one with a larger lens.

Jennifer said...

Oh dear!!!! I hope you're feeling better soon. :-(

Be careful with the magnifier - cover it up when you're not using it. I've heard more than one stitcher who set things on fire when the light shone through an unattended magnifier. If yours came with a cover, don't forget to slip it on.

Zlata said...

So nice to see you, Yuko!
I'm glad that you are fine!
Summer is always busy time, but it's great if you can create something interesting! )))

mayumi said...

この連日の暑さに直射日光を浴びっぱなしだと 体調だって崩れちゃうよね…



merumo said...

Hi Yuko san!

I feel you about your eyes. Mines are getting pretty bad lately, but haven't tried using the maginifier yet. Like mayumi said, if I don't wear the contacts, I'm just fine with the 40ct or whatever the fabrics. I'm sure we will find something work well for us eventually so that we will be able to keep up with our stitching ;)

Enjoy your summer!

Carol R said...

Nice start on the iStitch Mystery SAL Yuko!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I can't stitch on 36ct or 40ct; I can stitch on 32ct, but I stitch for pleasure, and I find it much more pleasurable to stitch on 28ct. I guess that's one of the joys of aging! I use a magnifier and Ott light all the time.