Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Pretty Pleasures 1759 Framed

Hi, thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your lovely comments!
I've framed the "Pretty Pleasures 1759" © Plum Street Samplers the other day, and handed it to my co-worker who will get marry and will quit job the end of this month (today).

Can you see "new 2014" that kind Paulette charted for me, this one is so lovely and of course it suits for the other letters and also the other part!
Thank you so much Paulette again, I really appreciate for your kindness!


Can you see the difference??? (photo below)
I can't imagine how talented designers are!
Here is the link of the previous 2014. Totally different, aren't they?
Of course I LOVE "After", it's so lovely!

I didn't have enough time to order the frame, so went to the store where I often buy frames the other day, and could find the right one!
The sizes were just perfect for this finished piece and also the design.

Most of new couple will choose their new furniture, etc... and I'm not sure my co-worker's taste much, so I didn't choose gold nor silver bold frame, chose this lovely soft frame.
This frame suits for this lovely soft design, don't you think?
If I make one or two more the same pieces, I would definitely choose this one again!

While I was taking photos, Cocoa came to my room, actually my son Tass brought her, though she was playing with my furry leg warmer!
I should put them in the closet, it's summer now!!!

Anyway, my co-worker was so happy to have this, she said she loves this design, but moreover she said she is so happy to think that I took my time to finish this for her.
I was so happy to see her happy, please be happy and enjoy your new life!!

Thanks for your visit.
Take care and have a lovely July!

Design : Pretty Pleasures 1759 © Plum Street Samplers
Fabric : Italian 40ct linen
Threads : DMC


butterfly said...

Just Beautiful .

Melissa said...

That frame is perfect for the design and you did a wonderful job framing!

Nancy said...

Beautiful sampler and such a thoughtful gift! The frame looks perfect for this sampler!

Vickie said...

Oh very good! I am glad the gift was so well received.

Andrea said...

Beautifully framed. It's good to hear she appreciates your time and effort of the gift.

Yuko said...

Thans for your comment!
I've set wrong e-mail add so couldn't get your comment through e-mail, hope this reply goes to your mail box!

Yuko said...

Thanks for the comment!
Basically I don't like framing, but as this one wasn't big, it went well!
Yeah, I love this frame and gonna make one for myself one day!

Yuko said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!
I love this sampler and was so fun to stitch!
I wanna make one for myself one day!

Yuko said...

Thanks always for your comment!
She was so happy to receive this and it made me happy, too!

Rachel said...

I can see where Tass gets his thoughtfulness from. That is such a lovely gift for your coworker!

Jennifer said...

So beautiful! I am sure she's honored to have that to hang in her new home