Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flowers From Sweetie! *Edited*

Hi, The other day, my son Tass was a bit late home from his school and I was worried about and then I was waiting for him outside.
When I saw him walking down to me I just felt relief, and I saw him having something on his back.

He came to me and said to me, "Here you are, mum! I know you've been ill (it's an incurable disease) for a long time so I wanted to give them to you!"

He had these tiny wild flowers in his hand and handed to me as saying that!
How sweet...
He was late since he had been picking these flowers on his way back home for me with his friend.
Here is his recent photo. He started to wear glasses as he has far sight.

I'm a so happy mum and I'm really proud of him.
Sweetie, I'm sorry that I've been very irritated mum especially recently as I've been terribly tired at work.

I tell you what mum apologizes every single night as looking at your lovely sleeping face.
Love, always!


Melissa said...

Ah, a story to melt every mother's heart! What a sweet boy Tass is!

Ellen said...

What a dear your son is! The flowers are such a gift from his heart!

Vickie said...

Aww, how sweet and loving. ♥

tari said...

How touching! My daughter loves to bring me wild flower bouquets too. They are so nice!

Annie said...

That is just the sweetest thing ever! What a great son and relationship you have. The flowers are so pretty an delicate.

samplerlover said...

It's these small things that mean the most. What a wonderful Son you have. Hope you are going ok :).

Yuko said...

Thanks dear Melissa for your lovely comment!
I hope this reply goes to your mail box, since I set the wrong mail add, so can't reply back through e-mail.

Yuko said...


Thank you so much for your comment!
I was touched by him on that day, he made my day!

Yuko said...

Hi, Vickie,
Thanks always for the lovely comment!
I do hope this reply goes to your mail box!
How can you make red heart mark???

Yuko said...

Thank you so much for your comment and thanks for stopping by!
Wild flowers bouquets are so sweet, aren't they?! Especially from children!

Yuko said...

Thanks always for your lovely comment, even I don't reply back much, sorry!
I hope this reply goes to your mail box.
Can you see a dandelion? As you see, they were very tiny and yes, were very delicate!

Yuko said...

Thans for your lovely comment! And thank you so much for concerning about me.
I'm doing OK, it can't be helped, so I should be more stronger!
I'm always looking your blog and thinking you are definitely a Sampler lover!

Rachel said...

Your son is such a sweetheart. He is so thoughtful.

Jennifer said...

What a sweet, thoughtful boy!!! It's because he has such a good mommy that is sweet and kind and generous herself. :-)

And he's quite handsome! Thank you for sharing a photo!