Saturday, January 20, 2007

Boat-shaped Coasters

It was a cold day today in Japan, and tomorrow seems to be more colder than today!

I made coasters today!
This is what I had been wanting to make this from a long time ago.

Here are the photos of them!

I used light green polka-dot and beige fabrics for this tea cup!

And this is the cup for Green Tea!
I Used grey flower print fabric and the hand dyed blue cloth for this cup.

It's quite simple and easy to make!
  • Just make square of doubled cloth, then pull the center of both cloth.

  • You can make the triangle shape, then fold the tip of the triangle, you can see the shape like a ship.

  • Then just sew button on 2 parts of small triangle...

That's all! Easy, isn't it?

I'm planning to share "how to make coasters" if you are intersted in it.
Explanation is in Japanese, though, I think you would be able to understand from many photos!


Anonymous said...

Are you sleeping sometimes ?
Very beautiful your "things" for cups !!

Anonymous said...

Your coasters are beautiful. The fabric is very pretty and relaxing.

Anonymous said...

So cute! may I have some photos to do one (because I don(t understand japaneese)!Many thanks!