Friday, January 19, 2007


I've just started SAL - BE GLAD Sajou today!
My French friend Domy asked me to do this together, and said "YES!" and I've just joined!!
The chart is from ©
Swappons, and it's free.
This linen is a bit rough and I don't like it much...
But have to be patient for 5 month until this project is finished!

Here are my favourite sweets!
Galettes are from France! and the tin can is flavoured tea leaf (cherry)!
Thia tea is from
This site. Very nice tea!
I recommend this flavoured tea, especially "cherry"!

I have so many things to do, means handmade works!
But there is no time to do everything I want to!! sigh...

[note] Free Chat "BE GLAD Sajou" © Swappons
Charles Craft 28ct Irish Linen (Tea Dyed) and DMC 815


Domy said...

Dear Yuko,
Congratulations Yuko !!! I haven't started mine yet !!!! I'm late !! I see that you love French Galettes !! Me too !! with a cup of tea, that's delicious, isn't it ?

Devon said...

Definitely nice and neat site you got there.

hermione said...

ohhhh good choice , that's delicious !!!! i love 'Bonne Maman" too . but i do not know this tea ....sigh !