Friday, March 16, 2007

Lots of Presents from France!!

Last week, I've met a friend who I've met online!
She is my French friend Domy's friend Reiko (a bit complicated, though, lol).

She lives in France but now she came back to Japan for holiday, so we've decided to meet in person!

And I've got many presents from France!Firstable from Reiko...

Newest De Fil... and beautiful deep red linen!
Wow, wow, I really waned the De Fil... so was really happy and issue was so wonderful.
And this deep red linen, it's unusual color, have never seen this beautiful coloured linen in Japan!Thank you Reiko!!

And secondble from Domy...

Very beautiful colourd linens!! Especially the right one, the nice idea came up to my mind soon when I saw this colour!
Don't you think the marmaid or sea life design suit this colour?
And the chart is from Isabelle Vautier. The truth is, she (Isabelle) has chosen this chart for me, and she said that she dedicate this chart to me!!
Wow, wow, sounds so lovely!
Thank you Domy and Isabelle!

And at the same day I met Reiko, when I was back home I've got a parcel from Rirumu who is my Japanese blog friend!
I pesented a
Japanese style pin cushion to her and so, she sent me so many lovely cloths!!

Once I saw these cute cloths, I thought I should try to patchwork!!
But, when I went to the book shop, I was really desapointed, because it's really complicated to finish up and of course I can't manage it!!!
So... sorry Rirumu, I can't use these cloths for patchwork, but I will use them to make small things!And thank you so much Rirumu!

Recently I really feel that I have really nice friends around!
Actually I had sad thing recently and I was very depressed, but all my friends cheered me up very much, and listened to me for so many hours on the phone...I realised how happy I am, so many kind friends are around me, and they are always beside me when I was down.

I thank god about this. Thank you all my friends!! include blogs friends!
I really love you all!!!

(This time I wrote without dictionary, so sorry for my poor English and miss spelled, lol.Umm? Poor English is as always? lol)


Domy said...

Woww!!! It was Christmas for you, all this presents !!!
Take care my friend !

Cindy said...

Wow...another great gift....