Sunday, March 18, 2007

The proof of our friendship!

On Sunday, I met Mii who is my Japanese blog friend, in person!
It was the first time to met her and her son!
We both have one year old boy, and have very similar taste on cross stitch!
Therefore although it was the first met, we didn't feel that at all, we felt like we were old friends!

And I've got a present from her, she stitched the design from Praire Schooler as the proof of our friendship!

She stitched this as thinking of me! How happy person I am!
Very beautifully stitched and on the below, she stitched intials "Y" and "M".

When I heard of the story why she stitched this for me, and when I saw this initials and the sentenses "We have been..." , tears of joy ran down my face without any notice...

Thank you so much Mii! I really love you too! You are my true friend indeed!
Our happy time slipped by...Our sons were seemed also very happy together!

Mii, let's keep in touch and let's meet soon again!
Thanks again, xx

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Domy said...

Very beautiful !!
How lucky you are !
XXX Domy