Friday, November 16, 2007

Grape Dyed

People really might laugh at me, as I have been dying fabrics with food many times with many kinds of foods, like I am a researcher, LOL
But it's quite fun to see how it will turn out!
This time I've tested with "Grape".
I thought it would be the same as "Red Wine Dyed" which I have done before, but a bit different result here...

It turned out a light pink purple colour and marbled!
I'm quite satisfied with this result, now there is an idea what design suit well for this hand dyed fabric in my mind :D

I used not whole grapes, I used the skins of these grapes which after we ate ;p
Just boil the grape skins with a bit of water, then when the colour turned out you'd prefer it to be, then just distilled the liquid.
Then soak washed (with water) fabric into the pan, then boil only 5-10 min.
That's all!
Oh, I shouldn't have forgotten to wirte, I've heard that to fix the colour, use wine vinegar and tepid water.
I'm not sure about it, so what's the best is... don't wash it later, LOL!

Why I'm doing this is... because we can't buy hand dyed fabric at the store, means there is no hand dyed fabrics are sold at the store in Japan, we have to order them online and have to wait to arrive.
So I have been trying hand dying by myself with food, as I don't like chemical thing much... :(


Nancy said...

This is very interesting Yuko, and I think your results are lovely! Long, long ago they used plants and related items to make dyes for threads to weave the fabrics for making clothing.

moomoo said...

wow that's an interesting piece of info I learn today. I know tea can be used for dying. Would love to see the end result of the dyed fabric.

domy said...

Very beautiful dyed fabric ! Another experience in your kitchen and your magic cauldron !

mimosa said...

Yuko, long time no see.
This is very beautiful color! I love it. I want to challenge it someday!
And so your cheese is very cute:D

Lapin said...


Yuko said...

でも、それでまたOutlook Expressが使えるようになれば、ちょっとはストレスも減るかな?!

Sonnja said...

Hello Yuko,

You have a beautiful Blog!
Kind regard,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands.

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko,

What an interesting idea. I've tried tea and coffee but have never thought of grape skins. They make a beautiful colour - Sandra.

Angela said...

I love the lovely delicate colour the grape skins has produced. You are very imaginative to find different ways to produce fabric dyes. When we colour eggs at Easter time, we use vegetable dyes. One of my favourites is onion skins, it makes such a pretty golden yellow colour :>)
I can't wait to see what you decide to stitch :>)
Hugs, Angela

Claudia :) said...

You did a ... yummy color!!! :D I love that delicate shade and I'm sure you'll find the righ design for it!
This way you can start your own production to make Japan stitchers happy! No more waiting time for foreign dyed fabrics, but the "Yuko's Yummy Fabrics"!!!! LOL
You can use saffron, onion skins, beetroot, coffee and tea, cherries... and you can add some baking soda to change effects!
I've read that it's important to add salt and a bit of alum rock to fix colors....

Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your results in your food dying. I also did the onion skins but used red skins.