Sunday, November 25, 2007

Souvenir and Present from...

My husband is a quite busy businessman, he so often goes to other prefectures by bullet train or by airplane, goes abroad often...
Always comes back home at late night...

I know he has been doing really tough job and really busy, tired, and I really feel so sorry for him.
But actually I can't manage "terrible 2" by myself, alone... so now my son and I are staying at my mum's house, ask her to help me to look after my 2 years old son!

In this month, he had been to Germany twice, the first time he stayed there only 2 or 3 days...
What an enhausting job!But second time he could stay there for about one week, so he could have free time a little bit.

We have been married about 4 years now, every year he gave me "preserved flower" for my Birthday, but...
Recently I wanted other things, like cross stitch stuff etc... so this time when he had been to Germany, I asked him to buy something like "Steiff Bear", "Goebel (Hummel) figure", if he could have time to buy them.

He comes to see us once or twice a month to mum's house (it takes 3 hours by bullet train from our house to mum's house), then this time he had brought special things for us!!!
Look at this beautiful "Steiff Bear", actually he had to transit at Vienna, then found this beautiful "Vienna Opera Special Edition Bear"!!

It might sounds childish, but when I saw this bear, I screamed with pleasure, LOL

And when he had been to Germany first time in this month, bought SWALOVSKI mobile strap for me, as well.
It's fairy and so lovely, I don't want to get it dirty in my bag, so I will hang on this in the house!

Last birthday, he gave me Cross stitch books as a present, I think now he knows what makes me Happy!
It took for 4 years, though! LOL

He also bought a "Goebel (Hummel)" figure which we have been collecting!
Thank you so much! I love all the things you presented us, they are so special!



By the way, here is another present from my Japanese friend!
She has stitched and sent me this lovely LHN flat fold.

I love this colour, and the fabric she has chosen, etc...
I will put this in my favourite basket as a special present!
Thank you my friend!


Nancy said...

Hi Yuko,

All of your presents are lovely. You have a thoughtful husband that he buys you gifts you will love!

Yuko stitched you a beautiful piece, and I know it is a treasure.

Pumpkin said...

Oh Yuko, your bear and fairy are absolutely beautiful! I'd say your DH did well this time ;o) You are very lucky!

Yuko did a lovely job on the flat board. Those are some of the colors I love as well. It must be very special to you :o)

mary said...

nice present... it is so true !

Patti said...


I love your presents they are all gorgeous but I especially love the stand-up you received from the other Yuko. I also love the Swarowski mobile phone adornment. You sure a one lucky lady.
Patti xxx

Anita said...

It takes time to train husband. I give up training mine, just hand me the credit card and I will go and spend. Those gifts are so neat and thoughtful. Terrible 2 is not bad, wait until they are 3, and 4 years old, I called it Horrible.

Hannah said...

Wow, Yuko! Those are some lovely gifts! Happy Birthday!

Angela said...

Yippee! Yuko. No wonder you screamed :>) The little Vienese opera bear is so huggable. I collect bears but this one is so so special. Now your husband is on the right track, I think you will be having some wonderful gifts :>)

What a lovely stand up you received from Yuko. When you do kind things for people, kindness has a way of coming back to you :>)

Yuko, two is definitely a terrible age but it's also a wonderful age of discovery and lots of fun...haha!
Hugs, Angela

Sonnja said...

The bear is lovely and a nice present!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands

Cindy said...

The presents that your husband brought for you are absolutely wonderful :)

Susimac said...

What lovely presents from your husband, you were definitely spoiled there. Love the wee flat fold you received from your friend too its so pretty.

Jessie said...

Hi Yuko,
You have a wonderful husband. Although he is busy and overseas most of the time, but always thought of you and family and brings back so many treats.I'm sure you are delighted.
The opera teddy is such a beautiful collectible piece.
Your friend have stitch you a very sweet flat fold. Very lovely!

hiyo said...

It is the first comment.
Will my English be understood well?
Still a husband was the busy one.
A cute bear and Swarowsky's souvenir may have been happy.
A Japanese site closed.
It mails it again.
PS.A notebook is gathered.

Andrea said...

Your husband has chosen well, your gifts are gorgeous.

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko, What a kind thoughtful hubby you have. Your Opera Bear is gorgeous. Your friend has done a beautiful job with your gift.
My eldest is 23 and they still have those moments. I think thats what being a Mum is all about. Loving them, rolling your eyes, going grrr and then loving them again. Take care - Sandra.

Hitomi said...

Hi, Yuko!
Thank you for your kindly Comment for me:)
All of your present are very lovely.
You have a wonderful husband and friends!!
You are so very lucky lady!!

Sally said...

All your gifts are absolutely beautiful Yuko:)

nutmeg5 said...

What an adorable bear! Your gifts from your husband are wonderful. Also, the flatfold gift is absolutely exquisite.