Thursday, November 22, 2007

Short Trip in September...

Thank you for your concern about my PC, thanks to you it has been backed to me and finally I can use my own PC!

While I have been working on Secret Projects (Christmas Ornaments + Presents), there is nothing to post here at the moment, LOL
So today I post some photos of my family short trip in September in Ikuno / Hyogo Prefecture.

Well first of all, I wanted to visit and have a meal at the thatched roof old building where is now used for the restaurant.
Look at this beautiful old Japanese building!
We can have a meal inside this building, there was a sunken hearth (fireplace) and felt really nostalgia.

I ordered "Kuromame Okowa set", it's steamed rice with black beans (black soyabean) , as in this part of the country is a famous for black beans.
First of all, we had a bit of plum liqueur as an aperitif, and it was really yum! :D

This restaurant is originally famous for rice crackers, but have their own restaurant here in country side.
I love their rice crackers, they are so yum!

Anyway, here is my ordered "Kuromame Okowa set"!
I thought that it's quite rare for Western people to see typical (normal) Japanese meals, so I put this photo here today!

I hope people enjoyed these photos as exotic things!

How was the taste???
Yes, they all were yum!

After we had lunch, we went to Ikuno silver mine.
There were 33 degree outside then, but inside the mine, it was only 11 degree... brrrrr
I thought a lot about old peoples' life.
It might be really tough job and they had hard life...

Here is the photo of silver mine!

They are dolls, seems a bit scary, though! LOL

I hope I can post something about cross stitch soon!


Pumpkin said...

What beautiful pictures Yuko! That is very neat to see what places of interest you have and what type of food you eat :o) This is part of why I love Blogging so much!

I'm glad you got your computer home again :o)

Angela said...

Your meal in the thatched roof restaurant looks absolutely delicious and the plum liquear makes me lick my lips...haha! I love black bean sauce but, sadly, we have to buy ours in a jar..haha!
The pictures of the silver mine were really interesting. I always love to read about where you live.
Hugs, Angela

Nancy said...

Hello Yuko,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos! The building looks very interesting. The rice and beans looks delicious and also the plum liquer - yummy!

I am happy for you that your have your PC back.

Patti said...

Hello Yuko

I'm so glad that you have your computer back home again.

Your vacation looks like it was a lot of fun and the pictures are amazing. I love the picture of the typical Japanese meal. I love Japanese food but guess I've been eating America's idea of Japanese food but I still love it.

Patti xxx

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko,
I just enjoyed travelling along with you on your trip. The thatched roof restaurant reminds me of my trips around England. It looks like you all had a lovely time. The meals that you ordered look delicious.
Thank you for taking us along with you on your journey. I have never been to Japan, but my sister has when her boss and his family lived there for 2 years. She found fascinating and bought a lot of beautiful things back for herself, my children and me. - Sandra.

Michelle said...

I love the photos of your trip - thank you for sharing them. The food looks delicious and beautiful!