Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Exchange FROM Domy

Thank you everyone for sending me lots of warm wishes.
Thanks to you, I almost recovered my spirits, just bad cough has been lasting, though!

Before I became ill, I have received another wonderful exchange from Domy in France!
We have been doing periodical private exchange, and this time was no theme.
She sent me so many goodies and totally spoiled me, as usual!

She sent me three French magazines as I love to look through cross stitch magazines from foreign countries very much, and one of them is what I have asked her to buy for me.
Thanks Domy!
She also included chocolates for my husband and son, small lovely kit, a letter and drawing from her daughter Clara!
She is a very clever girl and she often writes me letter and drawings! Thank you, Clara!

By the way, this time what Domy made for me is, lovely French design door hanging bell!
Isn't this just lovely and unique?!
Now it's hanging on the cupboard's knob, because my son would definitely pull it away from the knob if I hang it on the door knob.

Every time I have been looking forward to receiving her works, because her works are always from French design which I don't know much, but very lovely and so French taste!
She added beads on some parts of this design, like the photo! Very delicate stitch and beautiful, as usual!

This is a backing fabric which she used for this door hanging bell.
Very soft colour flower print fabric and I like this, too.
Actually I have never seen this kind of cross stitch works before!
So it was so fresh to me and was so excited to receive it!

Thank you so much Domy for your kindness and lovely work!
I'd appreciate for your sweetheart!
You are so giving person!

I like everything what you sent to me!
What would it be our next exchange? lol

Anyway, next time, I will post what I've made and sent for her!


Wendy said...

What a beautiful exchange! Domy's work is exquisite and all the extra's she sent certainly have you spoiled! What a wonderful package this must have been to open!

Nancy said...

What a beautiful and unique gift Domy has made for you! She does amazing work, doesn't she? I am sure you had lots of fun opening her package! I look forward to seeing what you stitched for Domy.

Sally said...

What a wonderful, unusual gift from Domy:)

Garden Girl said...

What lovely gifts! The door hanging is especially beautiful. Such treasures!

angie said...

A lovely present from Domy. Congratulations.

Andrea said...

Beautiful gifts from Domy. The door hanging is very unusual, great talent.

tkdchick said...

What a beautiful exchange!

Julianne said...
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Julianne said...

Hello Yuko,

I'm glad that you are feeling better.

The gifts from your friend Domy are lovely. She does beautiful work and her finishing is so creative.

Nicola said...

What a lovely exchange! Glad you are feeling better now.

Joei said...

Lovely presents from Domy, you must be so thrilled.

Brigitte said...

This is really a reat exchange. I love Domi's unusual finishing very much.