Monday, April 28, 2008

Wonderful Surprise FROM Nancy!

About a week ago, I've received a wonderful gift from Nancy!
She has noticed me that she has sent something special to me, and it will cheer me up as I was very ill past two weeks.
Yes, that was true, the parcel from her made me very happy and cheered me up so much!

Thank you so much, sweet Nancy!

She stitched a beautiful Pinkeep for me and there is a word "Amitie", it made me feel so special! It's so beautiful, isn't it!

And I love how she finished this Pinkeep very much, she added spangle with each pins!
What a nice idea!
I asked her if I can copy it when the next time I make Pinkeep, lol

The backing fabric which she used for the Pinkeep is also very pretty!
And it matches so well with everything else!

Thank you so much for taking your time for me to work on the beautiful Pinkeep, Nancy!

And!! Here is another lovely, wonderful gift from her!
Please just look at what she presented to me!
Another Willow Tree figurine named "Angel of Kitchen"!
It's gorgeous, isn't it!
She also remembered that I love Willow Tree figurines, and bought one for me!
What a sweet and giving person, Nancy is!
This beautiful angel has teapot, it's so CUTE!
And her hair style is just like mine!

I had long hair, but a month ago when I've got the worst thing, I wanted to change my mind immediately and cut my hair short, just like her!
And I'm wearing pierced earrings each one for both ears, but then I really needed to change my mind from the worst matter which has suddenly happened to me, I just added one more pierce hole on my left ear!

Before then I had been keeping the bad matter which happened to me to myself, and locked the bad memories in my heart...
But actually it was not good for health nor mentally, so this time I tried to give vent to my anger in this way, although it might sound a bit strange or childish...
Basically I'm a very simple-minded person, so this time's action has quite succeeded!
Easy, aren't I?! LOL
If more of bad things happened to me??? I think I should be bald, lol

Anyway, I was very happy when I saw her hair style, because it's just like mine!
She is so pretty, and I'm so happy to have this wonderful figurine with me!
Now I have four Willow Tree figurines totally, and all of them are from my dear friends online!
I can't believe that I have so many such wonderful friends!
Thank you so much everyone! I'd really appreciate for your kindness and sweet heart!

And thank you again, Nancy, sending me such wonderful and thoughtful gifts.
I'm so glad that I could "meet" you and being your friend!


Carol R said...

What a thoughtful gift from Nancy and so pretty too.

They are coming to fix the phone line/internet connection later today so hopefully I will be able to answer your email later.

Yuko - I am so glad you are well - and I can't wait to see your new hairstyle

Nicola said...

Those are very lovely and thoughtful gifts. Would love to see your new hairstyle. Mine is very short so very easy to look after.

Nancy said...

Hello Yuko! I am so glad you like your gifts. You are a very special friend!

angie said...

You must be a very special person as you are always receiving very special gifts.

Susan said...

What a beautiful gift from Nancy - the colors of the pinkeep are so soft. The angel is lovely, too!

Susimac said...

What a really lovely gift from Nancy - she is such a sweet lady.

Can't wait to see your new hairdo - you'll have to send me a piccie.

samplerlover said...

What a beautiful collection from Nancy for a very special lady. I love her pinkeep and the idea with the pins.

You are getting a lovely collection of angels. They should look lovely all together. I love angels too expecially cupids.

I'm glad that you are feeling a bit better - Sandra.

Marie-P said...

What a wonderful package you received from Nancy. The pinkeep is gorgeous!

Carolyn said...

What a wonderful pinkeep and I LOVE The Willow Tree angel. I, too, collect them, but haven't seen the one with the teapot. What a wonderful way to brighten your day!!!

Carolyn :)

Lillie said...

A wonderful gift and the Willow Tree angle is so serene. No wonder you loved them.

Hoped you are feeling better too.
Take care!

Nicki said...

What a beautiful pinkeep and a gorgeous angel :) Such lovely gifts.

I hope you're feeling a lot better and the haircut and new earring piercing have helped :)

Julianne said...


What a nice surprise from Nancy. I hope you are having a good week.

Nataliya said...

Was für eine wunderschöne Überraschung!!! Sehr nett und sieht wirklich schön aus!

Carol said...

Your gift from Nancy is gorgeous!

tkdchick said...

What wonderful gifts!!!

angelasweby said...

Your gifts from Nancy are just amazing. She is a really special person. The pinkeep is beautifully stitched and finished in Nancy's unique creative style, I love the soft colours and that wonderful word Amitie seems to express more than just friendship! The angel is so pretty, you have a lovely collection now :>)
Special people always find each other.
Hugs, Angela

Joei said...

Lovely gifts, you must be thrilled and she must be a special friend. Lucky you for having such wonderful friend.

Ana Cristina said...

Hi, it's really a very beautiful gift! Regards from Portugal.

Solstitches said...

Somehow I missed this post and have only just seen it.
I'm so glad I did because this pinkeep is just gorgeous.
Nancy always does such beautiful stitching and finishing.
The little angel is such a special gift.