Friday, April 25, 2008

Exchange FOR Domy

How are you, everyone? I'm doing fine, thanks to you!
In Japan, recently the weather is very strange, sometimes the temperature became very high, it's like middle of June, but it's chilly today...

By the way, I post and share some photos what I've made for Domy for our private exchange this time, as I promised!

I know Domy loves tea very much and she always describe herself as a "Teapot", so first of all, I wanted to stitch this "Official Tea Lover" for her! (right one)
And secondarily, I also wanted to stitch this word "Friendship begins with Kindness" (left one) for her, as I thought that this word signify of us!

Actually it was the first time and it's rare for me to choose and stitch ©Lizzie*Kate's designs, but this time I really wanted to stitch them for her.
I like ©Lizzie*Kate's words, but I found that it's a bit difficult to stitch its designs for me...

This time I made Hornbook (-like) and a small tray with ©Lizzie*Kate designs for her.

Here is a close up photo of Hornbook (-like), I added blue frill around the edge.
The frill trim which I used is an elastic one, so it was quite easy to add to curvy corner, as well.

And here is a close up photo of the tray.
Actually in the original design, there are two tea cups and the frame in there, but I omitted them to balance the design.

I added a bit slender lace on both top and the bottom of the tray to make an accent.

I've got a lovely e-mail from Domy that she loved everything that I've sent for her!
I was so happy to heard of it from her, as I was a bit worried if she doesn't like American designs... But she loved the word "Friendship begins with Kindness", too!
Our friendship has just started with a little kindness, so this word was perfect for our friendship!

It was very nice exchange as usual!
Thanks Domy!

Hornbook (-like) : "Official Tea Lover" © Lizzie*Kate, unknown fabric x DMC
Tray : "Friendship Begins" © Lizzie*Kate, unknown fabric x DMC


Joei said...

What a lovely private exchange you had there Yuko. As always, you did absolutely stunning finishes. I like LK, it's just simply beautiful.

Ele said...

Hi Yuko,
another wonderful excange, it's a wonderful tea sampler!
I like tea very much, too. Please Yuko, can you tell me where did you buy the pattern of the sampler?
Have a nice weekend with love
from Gabriele

angie said...

Both presents are really lovely. Domy will be very happy.

Nancy said...

You made very beautiful gifts for Domy! Your stitching and finishing are both so lovely Yuko, and I know Domy must be very happy!

I am so glad you are feeling better!

Carol R said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Beautiful gifts - Domy will be really happy to get these

Brigitte said...

What a great idea for an exchange. This was a wonderful exchange on both sides. I bet you are very happy with it.

Susimac said...

What a lovely exchange for Domy, its really lovely, and I bet she was delighted too.

Glad that you are feeling much better too and I will email you really soon Hugs Su x

Sally said...

What beautiful pieces you stitched for Domy:)

petitescroixetbidouilles said...

It's a wonderful surprise to receive a parcel from Yuko. She always makes beaufitul things !! I'm very happy, I send you a thousand thanks !! Be happy !!


Cindy said...

What a wonderful exchange :) Your stitching is beautiful, and your finishing is awesome!

Andrea said...

Beautiful gifts.

Julianne said...


Your gifts to Domy are all lovely. What a wonderful exchange of gifts you had. Thank you for sharing with us.

Marie-P said...

I am an admirer of your beautiful work. This was a lovely friendship exchange that you stitched and finished!

Jessie said...

i love how u finished these two LK which turned out beautifully!
The colours are subtly sweet and the tea-tray is such a great idea using this design!
I'm sure Domy likes it all!

Anonymous said...

hiya i am tammie new to the blogging world and recieved your address from carols website in the uk. i too love cross stitch and have four children i think your stitching is beautiful and delicate.. so pretty. the tea tray is great and i loved the friendship item just beautiful...

take care

tkdchick said...

Beautiful gifts!