Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Cactus Diary

Hi, did you all have a merry Christmas? I do hope so!
Here is Christmas Cactus Diary, just a quick note!

After I posted the last one (30th of Nov's), it has been blooming so beautifully!
Now it's in full bloom now!

Now it's full blooming!!
I love this soft colour so much and their shape!!
They are not lovely at all while they hadn't flowers, it's just a grotesque plant, but it's amazingly beautiful when they are blooming!

The other Christmas cactus isn't blooming at all, I don't know why, but this pot has been blooming beautifully every year!
I hope this will keep have flowers for more years!!

Thanks for visiting!

Take care and have a lovely winter holiday!


Nancy said...

Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful Yuko! I love the flowers on this plant too. Yours has so many blooms!

Lany said...

Hola querida, he esta mirando tu blog y es genial...esta lleno d cosas interesantes y muy bonito todo...
Yo también he tenido una planta parecida a esta, un cactos, pero no ha durado mucho, se quedó pequeño durante algunos años y solo floreció una vez....este esta precioso...

Feliz 2011!