Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweetie's Christmas Show and a Bird!

Hi everyone, this time I just share some photos of Tass my son's Christmas Show on 17th of Dec.!
Now he is 5 years old and he played cymbals in concert of his class (4~5 years old).

They played musical instruments so well, and they danced and sung!
It's amazing when I think how they remember everything so quickly, I think they just had lessons for a month, though!

BTW, about a week ago, mum called us to the garden (very small one), then when we went out there were a little bird on the rock near by!
So I just went back into house and took some photos of him!
He was SO cute, we have never met him before!!

After that he stayed a little bit, but when Sweetie came back with his shoes with very loud footsteps (as he was excited), a birdie flied away and never came back to us... Sweetie was very sad and he planned to make birdie's bed. He was so well making a little birdie's house, but he never came back... sigh I hope he comes back to amuse us again!

[Edited] A few days ago, "Annonymous" who loves birds left kind comment here to let me know the name of this bird!
This is a female "Daurian Redstart", thank you so much, Annonymous for your kind comment!!

Take care and have a lovely winter holiday!
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Nina said...

Dear Yuko,

I'm sorry I'm too late to wish Merry Christmas, but I wish you all the best, and hope Christmas days were fine :)
Wish you a happy and healthy new year for 2011!

Rowyn said...

What cute photos of Tass and his Xmas performance.

Oh Yuko, you are soooo NOT fat! I guess we are all our own harshest critic - but you look great!

Nancy said...

It looks like Tass and you had a lot of fun at the Christmas show! The little bird is very sweet. I hope you are enjoying the winter holiday too Yuko!

Ann in Scotland. said...

What a bonnie little bird - reminds me of some over here in Scotland.

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