Sunday, July 01, 2012

1st Anniversary - We love you!

Hi, thanks for your visit and thank you for your comments!
A year ago today, 1st of July is the day our hamster "Ham-Chan" came to our home!

He is so nice and calm hamster and always sleepy, lol

Here are "Ham-Chan"'s photos to share!

As you already know that hamster is nocturnal animal, so when I see, he is always sleeping like this.
Sometimes he sleeps on the spin wheel (I don't know how to say in English), and sometimes he is nod in a doze!


When he is sleepy, his face is like this... I think he is half sleeping yet, lol
But I LOVE this his sleepy face so much! How lovely!


His eyes are opening a little by little, and realize that he was seen!
I searched how old is he if he is a person, and kenw that their 1 year = 35 years old.
I told it to my son then Tass said to me "He is already 35 years old, so you should let him go anywhere he wants to go!!" lol

長くは生きられない、と知っていたけれど・・・ 覚悟するのが少し早くなりました。

As you see, his eyes became big when he woke up! :D
Isn't he so lovely?! But, this naming is so easy, isn't it? We soon named him "Ham-Chan", though everyone says, "Ham-Chan?? Just as it is, isn't it!! lol"


We love you, Ham! Be with us long time!

Take care, and thanks for your visit!

Have a lovely weekend, bye for now...


butterfly said...

Happy Birthday, your so cute.

Marie said...

Ham-Chan is oh so cute!

Nina said...

Oh, what a handsome boy :) Happy anniversary to him :))

Toffe said...

Happy birthday, Yuko!!!

angelasweby said...

Happy birthday to Ham, Yuko. He looks very young for 35 :-) What a lovely little sweet face he has.
Angela xx

Unknown said...

Ham-chan is so cute!!