Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ewe & Eye & Friends "Tulip Scissors Companion" - Pinkeep

Hi, it's the end of September, but I just heard chirrup of cicada...
Beetle was living till a day before yesterday, Isn't it strange? It's still hot here today.

Today I show you my latest work that I sent to my friends!
It's been so long time since the last time I made pinkeep, so I realised that I was forgetting how to make pinkeep when I was working on it...

息子の飼っていたカブトムシも先日まで生きてくれていたし、かと思えば、夜になると秋の虫の声が響き渡り、この間は立て続けに マツムシやコオロギが室内に・・・
虫は苦手なので、外へ逃がすのに悪戦苦闘でした >_<;;

Here they are, my latest pinkeep(s), "Tulip Scissors Companion" © Ewe & Eye & Friends.
I have received same pinkeep from dear Angela before, and she stitched this design on pink linen, and it was so lovely, so I decided to stitch this on pink fabric, too!


I thought it might be funny (rose on tulip? lol) but, I added little flower as top pin to make an accent.
This design was very fun to stitch, so I could make three and could send them to my three friends at the same time!

以前、お友達の Angela にこのピンキープをプレゼントしてもらった時、彼女がピンクのリネンに刺していたのがとっても可愛かったので、真似をして私もピンクの布に刺しました。

And as chart mentioned, I added little buttons for stamens' top.
They really made good impression, it was quite different before I add buttons.

Lovely isn't it?!


It might not look different, but they are used all different green colours for outline, word "tulip" and leaves!
I love satin stitch, so I was feeling good while I was stitching satin area for three.


I used just simple quiet check pattern for back side of pinkeep.
I remember that this fabric was presented by Carol R., I tried to fit many of pinkish fabrics for the back, though this was perfect!! Thanks, Carol R.

I heard that my friends were very happy to receive this surprise gift, so am also very happy now!!
It was just token of my appreciation, they always cheer me up when I was down.
I want to make something smalls as much as I can and want to present for my dear friends.



Here is my lovely hamster "Ham-chan".
As I wrote before, he is always sleeping like this and I LOVE to see this sleeping face and pose. 



Isn't he lovely?!
When he woke up, he has big eyes and walk and run very fast, sometime I want him to just stop!! :p 


Tass my son is wanting to have small dog, but I know he doesn't take a dog for a walk everyday, even though he says he does! :p
Today I dyed fabric with coffee and now drying them in the sun.
Hope it shows perfect colour for the next project!



Take care and thanks for your visit!
I appreciate for you taking your time to leave comments!!

Bye for now,


Design : "Tulip Scissors Companion" © Ewe & Eye & Friends
Fabric : 28ct Stoney Creek Dyed Fabrics (Antique Pink)
Thread : DMC
Finished as : Pinkeep


Jeannine520 said...

Very cute pinkeeps and your hamster is darling. :-)

butterfly said...

Your pin keeps look so pretty, your friends will love them.
Cute hamster so pretty. hugs.

Chris said...

Your pinkeeps are beautiful.

pj said...

Beautiful work! I love the pinkeeps and you do such a nice job finishing them. Your stitching is always so neat!

All little boys want a dog!

Take care...pj in iowa

Tatkis said...

Adorable tulip pinkeeps, so sweet!


Jennifer said...

You always do such beautiful work. I am so honored that a piece of your stitching hangs in my son's room - I look at it every day and think of you.

Cristina said...

Beautiful pinkeeps... the finish is suberb!!

Marsha said...

What a gorgeous basket of tulips. You have a wonderful eye for putting together fabric, threads and special touches. Your work is truly lovely and inspiring.

Your hamster is very cute.

Akila said...

Such pretty tulips, very pretty accents

Sally said...

Your pinkeeps are beautiful Yuko.

Awww what a cute hamster. Both my daughters have one and I love them!

Carmen said...

beautiful pinkeep Yuko. Ham-chan is so cute.

rosey175 said...

Your pinkeeps are finished so beautifully! Even your photos are exquisite!

Ham-chan is adorable! I used to have gerbils but now I have cats... I think the two would not be friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuko! Your pinkeeps are so cute and Ham-chan is kawaiiiii!!!!
A big hug,

Karoline said...

Your pinkeeps are gorgeous, congratulations