Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pretty Pleasures 1759 -1

Hello, how have you been?
Thank you so much for your comments on the last post, and sorry that I haven't been replying you yet.

Now what I working on is this "Pretty Pleasures 1759" © Plum Street Samplers.
When I saw this design, I felt in love and wanted to stitch for a long time and the right time just has come!

My co-worker will get marry with her Mr.Right soon, so I wanted to stitch this one for her.
I wasn't sure that she likes this kind of things, like hand made stuffs, but when we worked together she saw my works on my blog and seemed like she likes this kind of things.
And also I remembered that she hanged so many quilt tapestries have made by her mum on her room wall, so I decided to stitch for her!

This design was charted "1759" as it titles, however I've stitched "2014".
But what I've stitched didn't suit to these lovely letters what the designer's charted and also to the other part, so I asked Paulette, designer of Plum Street Samplers if it's possible for her  to modify the year to "2014", she kindly e-mailed me back and said to me "Yes!".
Soon I received the "2014 chart" from her!
How kind and lovely lady she is! She is wonderful, don't you think?!
Thank you so much, Paulette, I can's say thank you enough!
I will update the complete piece on the next post!

Finally I stitched all the part, also re-stitched the year from 1759 to 2014, so will update some photos later!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and thanks for your comment!
I will reply to you all later.
Bye for now,


Melissa said...

Yuko, it's lovely to see your post! That is a very pretty stitch for your co-worker's wedding and very kind of you to make it for her.

Nancy said...

Pretty sampler and your stitching is still beautiful! Lovely flowers too!

butterfly said...

lovely stitching , very pretty .

Vickie said...

What a wonderful gift to make and give.

Annie said...

It's a beautiful piece and your co-worker will surely love it. That was really nice of Paulette to chart the date for you. I would never have thought to ask the designer to do that. Great idea!

Andrea said...

Beautiful stitching. I'm sure your co-worker will treasure it.

Jennifer said...

So beautiful! What a lovely gift for your coworker. I know she will cherish it!

Yuko said...

Hi, Nancy!
Thanks for the comment!
I'm not sure if this reply goes to you or not, but I do hope it does work since I can't enter my mail account.
I'm gonna change my setting then, to keep in touch with friends like before!

Kate said...

Beautiful stitching I'm sure it will be treasured