Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bamboo handle Bag

I found a bag which I've been stopping to make and finish in the drawer.
As I was not in the mood to stitch, I have decided to continue to make and finish this bag.

And I've also found bamboo handles in the same drawer, so decided to use them for this bag.

How is this? It's quite lovely, isn't it?
I hope this won't be broken soon I take this with me, lol

Photos of inside the bags are below, I made a pocket for the mobile phone, as well.
And the flower cloth was the one that was used for a famous designers brand cloths!

Before I've started cross stitch, I used to make small things like this with sewing machine.
But not now...
I actually don't like sewing machine, not good at it at all!
So, the cross stitch is just good for me as a hobby!


Domy said...

waouhhhhh ! very wonderful bag ! I love it ! congratulations ! you didn't tell me you are an artist !!

Domy said...

Don't worry ! from here I didn't see a mistake !!!

Dot (Australia) said...

You bag looks amazing to me.
Still, I understand about the sewing machine. I used to sew quite a lot and still have lots of fabric and patterns but I just don't enjoy it like I do cross stitching. It's become a chore rather than a pleasure. You won't see much sewing from me any more. Although I really do like that bag. (smile)

Nathalie said...

Here a bag which I would like much

myra said...

It's beautiful Yuko! I love the flower too!

Cindy said...

Yuko, your bag is beautiful!

hermione said...

congratulations, your bag is fantastic !!!!!
have a good day
bizzzz form France . ^_^