Friday, February 09, 2007

Gifts from France

I received a parcel from France a day before yesterday!
It was from my French friend Domy! I'm so happy to get them from her, was very excited to open the envelope!!

She bought me 3 French cross stitch magazines, and silk thread (feels really nice!!) and hand dyed thread, niiiiice flavourd tea, and two letters, one is from her and the other one is from her 9 years old daughter Clara!

This is a letter from Clara! Her drawing is really nice, and she wrote a perfect English!
Great and well done! I still have to study English more and more, though! lol

My friend is doing cross stitch for 15 years, and she is an expert!!! So she always tells me a very important things or valuable imformation about cross stitch!

I have been always appereciate for her kindness!

Next time we are planning to "stitch exchange" , but actually there is no thema, this time is a "Surprise Exchange"! Sounds exciting, doesn't it?!
But I'm an amateur and she is an expert, what do you think?! lol
It would be obviouslly "a sprat to catch a mackerel" lol
It makes me a bit nervous to stitch for her...I have been always thinking about the design for exchange all the time...

Domy, please forgive me even if mine is a not good, as you already know that I'm totally an amatuer, LOL


Domy said...

How lucky you are !! hi,hi,hi !! Now you have to stitch all days and nights to do all the charts !! ha,ha,ha !!!!

Cindy said...

You are really lucky to have such a generous friend! How I wish i could be her friend too! Great gift to receive!