Monday, February 12, 2007

How to make "Boat-shaped" Coasters

Today I share you how to make coasters!

How are they? Their shape are a bit unique, aren't they?
It tasked my pea brain to translate into English, but I will try to do it as much as I can!
Maybe you can imagine how to make them from these photos!
And I really hope so, lol ! (*^-^*);; Enjoy!

What you need are...

  • Cloths 2 types

  • Scissors

  • Thread

  • Buttons (If you use them)

  • Pencil

  • Sewing Machine (If you like...)

Please refer the size of cups which I used...

  • Clear Bowl --- Base diameter = 6cm, height = 6cm

  • White Cup --- Base diameter = 6cm, Width = 12cm, height = 8cm

[[[ The size of cloths = 17cm square, margin to sew up = 0.5cm ]]]

  • Japanese style cup --- Base diameter = 4.5cm, height = 7cm

[[[ The size of cloth = 12cm square, margin to sew up = 0.5cm ]]]

Before you cut the cloth, please make sure that you check the size of your cups or glasses!Please ask me if you have a question!

Prepare 2 types of cloths.And then, write the square pattern on them like above photo.

Set both cloths' face inside, then fix them with pins.

After you sewed up, cut the four corners off.Then reverse them, and whip it.

Pull the center of both cloths out, the shape will be the triangle like above photos.

Then, fold the lower part of the triangle up, you'll see the shape like a ship.Inside is like the 2nd photo...

Sew the buttons on to the small triangles parts.
Then finished!

I'm so sorry for my poor English and explanation I hope you can imagine how to make them from these photos! lol

I'd like to see your works when you make this coasters!
If you like please tell me the url of you blog when you post their photos on it, so I can see them and will be happy!


Katrina said...

Hi Yuko, thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to "meet" you :) You have some beautiful stitching, and I'll be back for another visit soon, best wishes, Katrina from New Zealand

myra said...

Yuko, these are wonderful. Thank you for the detailed tutorial. I will definitely have to try and make some.

missy said...

Great coasters! Very creative and inspiring. I will be back soon to read more.

: )

Domy said...

very beautiful coasters !! I've have to try them but I haven't got enough time !!!!

Joei said...

Hi Yuko,
I just read your comment on my blog. Thank you for dropping by.
You have a nice blog. Thank you for sharing this how-to-make lovely coasters. Will give it a try.
Have a nice day!!

Anette said...
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Dot(Australia) said...

Oh my goodness! I just found your site and it's absolutely stunning! You coasters are gorgeous, your fabric dyeing is gorgeous, your whole blog is just gorgeous!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work! Yay!

Annette said...

The coasters are lovely!
I also think that the fabric you hand-dyed is beautiful. I love all three and I am going to have to try the curry and onion skin method sometime.
Happy Stitching,

mary said...

what a good idea ! congratulations !

valeria said...

they are so cute, many thanks for the tutorial

Ana Lopes said...

Hi Yuko,
This is so adorable ! I think it will be so lovely with Christhmas fabric too.
You have such beautiful works!I'm your newest follower.I hope you will come back and maybe even follow me back.
Have a wonderful week

Hugs from Portugal
Ana Love Craft